On-demand home service app is very helpful to get multiple household services for people who have a busy lifestyle. These apps have transformed the traditional home services market. A common house owner can request services from a grocery store, demand repair of the home appliance, or get services from house cleaning experts regularly.

There are on-demand home service apps like TaskRabbit, the handyman that exists in the market nowadays. And more fanbase is for these apps, and users can select these apps as per their needs and choice. In addition, these apps smoother the service provider to provide their services innovatively.

It is clarified that there is some cost involved in developing an app, and if you are deciding to start your home service app like TaskRabbit or Handyman, this blog is for you to know about the cost of home service app development. We have given the points that can assist you in the estimation of the cost of customized home service apps.

What is home service app development?

On-demand home service app is used to complete all your home tasks with some clicks from your mobile phone. And you no need to spend time going outside. Suppose you want some grocery items and on the same day, your AC is getting repaired, and you need a home cleaning service. What will you do? First, you go to the shop to buy grocery items and then will go to find out the AC mechanic. Then you will find home service. You had spent your whole day searching for all these things. Instead of that, you just pick up your phone and do clicks on the home service app and book all these services. So, now you can take a rest at home without any tension.

On-demand home services app works like a platform in which customer meets service provider and vice-versa. This app is working on the Uber model, where both service providers and customers meet each other by registering themselves.


To analyze the on-demand home service app cost, you need to know the factors that affect the app development cost. You can roughly estimate the cost and get confirmation from the on-demand home service app development company after reading it.

Factors that affect the cost of the on-demand home service app development:

  • Features:

The most powerful factor is the features of an app. The cost of an app is low if you need only the basic features. Else the cost is high if you are choosing advanced features, complexity, and more quantity. You need to spend more money on more advanced features. The complicated app efforts, planning, and technology that need an amount of money is the reason for development. It affects the whole on-demand home service app development cost.

  • Type of app:

There are 3 types of apps for more businesses. These are native apps, cross-platform apps, and progressive web apps. As per your budget, you can choose accordingly. The cost of developing these apps like,

  • Development cost of cross-platform – $20,000 to $35,000
  • Development cost of native apps -$50,000 to $ 1,00,000
  • Development cost of web app – $10,000 to $20,000

These all types of apps have their respective advantages. The cross-platform app is working on all mobile platforms, native apps are suitable to target the platform users like Android or iOS, and progressive web apps are independent of platforms, and can be accessed via web browser only.

  • App development platforms:

The platform is the only factor that affects the home service app development cost. People around the world use two platforms Android and iOS. iPhone users have a separate fanbase, while a notable percentage of smartphone users are Android users. There is a huge difference between the Android and iOS app development costs. So, you have to pay according to the platform you choose.

  • App designing:

Designing is also affecting the cost of the on-demand app home service app development. The design includes UI/UX components addition, graphical designing, design of landing page, smooth navigation from screen to screen, and many other visual components. It influences the cost directly.

  • Third-party navigation:

If you want to offer additional functionality to your app, third-party API integration is helpful. It includes SMS API, Push-notifications, payment transfers, and other specific APIs. Though some APIs are free to use, when you need a premium version of APIs, it will add to the development cost.

  • Hiring model:

There are 3 types of hiring models. That are full-time hiring, part-time hiring, and hiring on an hourly basis. Additionally, the cost of hiring is depending on the number of developers you are going to hire.

  • Testing:    

Testing also involves the cost of home service app development. Because testing is the most important process to ensure the app quality. App launching is useless without testing, because, bugs can collapse the full user experience and make the app unsafe to cyber threats.

  • Security:

As home service apps are being used by millions of people, so there is a chance of using their data with malicious intentions. To keep all their data safe from cyber-attacks or data stealing, implementing a security mechanism is important. It is one of the factors that influence the cost, but it is crucial for the app and its users.

Important steps to estimate the on-demand home service app development cost:

The following keys are used to estimate the cost of on-demand home service app development.

  • Functional breakdown:

List all the essential elements and try to find out how much it cost to develop these.

  • Hiring professional estimation:    

First, you need to decide you need what kind of team for your app development. After that, find out the market cost and after hiring those developers what you have to pay. Additionally, It is better to compare the quotation from the app developers or the development companies.

  • Third-party integration:    

You decide what kind of APIs you need, and to include in the app what it cost. Compare Similar APIs prices by the various providers. 

  • App marketing:

It consists of, how will you promote your app, and what medium you used to promote it. For the development cost estimation, you need to consider the promotion cost also.

  • Final estimation:

It is time to add all the element’s costs and find the total cost. You can use this note for reference when you discuss with app developers regarding the cost of the app development.


On-demand home service app is helping more users to get home services like home appliance repairing, home renovation, house cleaning, and others. If you are planning to launch your home service app, it is important to analyze the development cost of the app. It will help you to decide on your idea and turn it into an excellent home service app.


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