Mobile App Usability

Mobile App Usability – Mobile apps and smartphones are winning the hearts of users who are eager to purchase and use on their smartphones and tablet devices.“Apps” (i.e. programs that run on mobile devices) are similar to software programs that run on personal computers.For example, the Camera app allows individuals take pictures and Instagram app allows digital filters to be applied to pictures which is taken from the Camera app

Apps are available in several categories such as Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Productivity, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, and Utilities.


To overcome Mobile App Usability, apps should be designed in a way that it should run in every devices, because there are different platform like android and ios and even those two operating system has their own version of software . so the app might not be work in new versions which may results in uninstall of that app. So it is necessary to design to run on every versions of the app.

2.Easy navigation

After Downloading the app, registration must be done easily to use the app. Avoid complex registration like account informations of the user’s or re-directing it into another page for security purposes. Make sure that the user has to read about the app’s manual about how to use the app before registering.

  1. Autofill Data

Allowing users to save their personal details and credit/ debit card details makes the transaction process easy. Auto filled customer data not only improves mobile app usability but also enhances the customer experience as they can easily continue to shop without having to repeatedly add their information.

  1. Clear Content

Always provide content which is related to your mobile app. Inappropriate content may affect the usability of the app so it is advisable to provide the exact details about the app while purchasing. Too much of content can mislead the users So, make it as simple as possible for users to understand the content and carry on their buying process forward.

  1. Testing & Feedback

After alpha and beta testing , allow the user to send feedback and write reviews about the app to make sure that the app is working without any malfunctions.

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