User Experience Fixes To Imrove App’s Retention Rates

An incredible user experience is a blend of good plan and comprehension of users. Given 15 minutes to devour content, 66% of individuals would preferably read something perfectly composed than something plain.

True, organic growth is all about giving your users the best experience possible. So, in order to help you create happy users, we’ve put together quick fixes for common usability issues.

User Experience Fix #1: Shorter Time to Value

An app taking a long time to load! Too bad! You hate this, your users hate this too! According to a study, 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.

User Experience Fix #2: Don’t request a signup until you absolutely need it

Break that information exchange divider and go past it. Not each application needs an information exchange. We realize that you’ll say having an information exchange helps you customize the user experience. Yet, consider the way that numerous users move away as a result of the pointless information exchange prerequisites.

User Experience Fix #3: Use splash screens for tips/on boarding

Never make users hold up. Utilize the screen space and time astutely when your application is stacking. A sprinkle screen gives you a short however key window to connect with a user in your suggestion. Give them fundamental tips/help in setting of the application’s usefulness.

User Experience Fix #4: Display sample content for first-time users

The first-run through client will clearly have no information in the application. However, rather than demonstrating clear screens, make it more reasonable by outlining test content for that space (even if it’s just Lorem Ipsum sample text).

User Experience Fix #5: Save Form Content If the User Makes an Error

One more point on forms? Yes, because it is absolutely necessary! Even if your forms are the cleanest and most simple forms around, filling out forms still sucks. Let’s establish that.

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