The app development process is built productively, cooperating with the needs of customers, professional executives, and business owners. The Urbanclap clone app is built with an effective algorithm offering a flawless experience during the navigation. Create an online app marketplace using Urbanclap clone for helping users to connect with professional local service providers to obtain all home-based services in simple clicks. We offer a pre-built solution that can help you begin your travel in just three days, with a white-labeled solution.

Why Urbanclap clone is needed for an On-demand Multi-service business?

Nowadays, the multi-home service business market is growing. Urbanclap is the famous On-demand handyman app in India, and this assists the new generation with the best services. Urbanclap is also built with the latest technology for entrepreneurs to begin their business. Urbanclap clone app is offered with a detailed app solution for both android and iOS, and it is the best script for an On-demand handyman app with core features of Urbanclap.

How do Urbanclap works?

  • Customers can log in by entering their username and password. They can also log in through the social media page instantly. They can choose their needed service from the well-categorized list of services available for customers by filtering and searching options.
  • Customers can choose the package that matches their requirements.
  • The availability of the selected service provider is shown in the in-app calendar. Based on that, customers can select the timings that match their preferences.
  • The service provider is informed of the customer requests through push notifications. Customers can communicate with a service provider using a chatbot or in-app call options.
  • Depending on the duration and type of the service, the charge is listed for the customers.
  • Using a digital payment method or cash on service completion, customers can pay in the Urbanclap clone app.
  • A percent of the commission that is detected for using the app’s services goes to the platform owner.

Feature of Urbanclap clone app:

Customer app:

  • Social Login: It offers a fast and easy registration process and login through social media channels like  Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.
  • Explore Services: Choose the required services from the well-categorized list of services using the search and filter option. 
  • Scheduling: Customers can schedule their appointments for the date and time of their preference.
  • Notifications: There are updates about the current service order status and other related information to the customers can be notified by the pop-up notifications.
  • Live Tracking: Service providers can be tracked by the customers in real-time.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: For hassle-free transactions, there are various payment options such as credit card, debit card, and digital wallets like Paytm, PayPal, and GPay available.
  • Charges estimation: Accurate service charges are sent to the customer’s app after the service is booked.
  • Review and Ratings: Customers can express their experience through ratings and reviews.
  • SOS button: It comes under the security side of the app. The related emergency contact can be connected immediately by taping into the SOS button.
  • Immediate booking: The services can be booked second by rebooking the same service from history.
  • Referral benefits: By introducing the app to others, Customers can earn points that can be rescued during payments.
  • OTP verification: After booking the service, a unique OTP is sent to the customers, that they can use to verify their service professionals and vice versa.

Service Provider: 

  • Registration: Within a few seconds, the service provider can register their details in the app.
  • Provider Approval: If the service provider matches the required skills, they will receive the customer requests.
  • Notifications: They receive immediate notifications if they get customer requests.
  • Customer’s profile: The profile of the connected customer is present in this module.
  • Earnings: The earnings are updated when the customer requests are fulfilled.
  • In-app Communication: Communication between the customers and the service provider is done with this model.
  • Toggle availability: Using the toggle availability option, the Service provider can select to provide services during their free time.
  • Navigation: Optimal navigation routes to the customer’s place is provided by the in-app map seamlessly.
  • Service Records: In this panel, the professional’s detailed list of services can be displayed on a monthly/yearly basis.
  • Feedback: The feedback provided by the customers will be available in this panel, thereby the service provider improve their service or can take the necessary steps to satisfy the customer.

Admin Panel: 

  • Profile verification: There is an in-app scanner to scan the documents and verify their authenticity is provided in the application.
  • Payment Dashboard: The payment made is tracked and analyzed in this module by the admin.
  • Analytics: The entire dashboard’s overall view is available in this section. It contains the details of several customers & service providers of the app, reviews, and ratings, etc.
  • Advanced Reports: It provides the improvement areas based on the revenue acquired by the app.
  • Advertisement Management: It smoothes in managing the advertisements, email campaigns, and promotional content for the app.
  • Heat View: The admin can see in which location the service is needed, and can reroute more service providers to that area.
  • Set range: The service provider’s operating range can be set. So, the service provider within the range would be notified, when the customer places a request.
  • Notifications: Alerts that are to be sent to the customers and service providers can be decided by the admin.

Services provided in the Urbanclap clone app:

  • Home services:

Home cleaning, painting, Lawn Mowing, Pest Control, Snow Removal

  • Wellness & beauty services:

Massage Services, beauty services, Fitness Services, Haircut Services

  • Appliance Repair services:

Airconditioner Service and repair, RO purifier cleaning and maintenance, Washing machine repair services, Geyser Repair Services.

  • Home decor and Moving services:

Furniture Assembly, TV mounting, Carpet & Sofa Cleaning, Packaging & Moving Services.

Benefits of Urbanclap Clone App:

To customers:

  • Obtain service from the comfort of your home.
  • Secure payment methods for getting services.
  • At an economical price, Quality services
  • Services available 24/7
  • A complete history of the previous transactions.
  • Data security and safety

To Service providers:

  • Earn significantly by satisfying many customer requests
  • Work as per their preference and convenience
  • Expand your customer base

The revenue stream of Urbanclap clone:

It has flawless revenue streams to observe huge profits like Urban company. Follow these models and enhance your business.

  • Commission-based model: A fixed charge is detected for the Urbanclap clone app, for every service provided to the users. The percentage to use as a commission is entirely up to the app owner to select.
  • Featured listing: To stay at the top of the user’s search, approved individual service providers must pay.
  • Advertisements: Businesses, producers, and other service providers can list in a mobile app for home services like Urbanclap by paying a charge by the company policy.

Why choose us for creating the Urbanclap clone app?

  • User-friendly: The app is created to accelerate simplicity. Users can search for their needs easily and select from the available options. The UI needs no previous instruction and users can browse easily and seamlessly.
  • Glitch-free Communication: Service providers and customers can communicate directly through the app easily. It avoids the difficulties of sharing contact information and keeps track of the conversation.
  • Highly secured Urbanclap Clone: The app passes through multiple security trials to make sure of the seamless performance with any unexpected hacking. The contact details and ratings of service providers are verified and can’t be changed. 
  • Easy Online Payment: Users can pay via debit card, credit card, integrated digital payment apps, or others with comfort. This minimizes the struggle to keep ready cash and helps keep a record of payments.
  • Save your time: By avoiding the traditional method of searching for service providers online and making calls to unknown strangers, our strong application helps you save time. As per the client;’s choice, all the service providers will be verified via the app.

Types of business models in the Urbanclap Clone app:

If you are offering On-demand home services as a service aggregator or startup, we have secured with our feature-rich Urbanclap clone script, strong admin panel, and easily accessible features and manage your operations possibly without more technical knowledge. Start your business after choosing the best and correct business model.

  • Home service businesses: 

Manage and provide home services to your nearby customers with a few clicks. From managing operations to booking, all of the processes can be taken care of using a strong dashboard.

  • Multi-service Aggregator app: 

This multi-service business provider app helps users to connect with trusted professionals in their time of need.

  • Single-Service Aggregator App: 

If you want to offer a single dedicated service for your customers such as handyman, car wash, beauty services, laundry, cleaning, repair, etc., selecting the model can advantage you.

Solutions we provide in our Urbanclap Clone:

  • Mobile apps: Our on-demand Urbanclap clone will be provided on both iOS and Android platforms, making sure the easy-to-use ability with flawless performance.
  • Web apps: We offer the web app with the customization and pre-built configurations, with an excellent interface and tech-savvy features.
  • Admin Dashboard: Our strong dashboard enables you to supervise all the app activities and handle the performance as well.
  • Customizable Option: We offer a customization facility to clients for their future, and rebranding can be done in a few minutes.
  • Payment Modules: To carry out secure transactions, our app comes with integrated secure payment gateways.

Primary Features of Urbanclap Clone app:

  • Locate Service Providers:
    • The integrated GPS functionality makes sure to service providers for users.
    • Users can view all nearby providers if they want to place a service request.
    • And select the service provider that they want to choose from the available list.
  • Integrated Wallet: 
    • As per users’ availability, they can choose to schedule their service.
    • They can place a  service request and notify the time slot in advance.
    • The service provider receives the requests and reaches the customer on time.
  • Manage Service requests:
    • In a separate section of the admin panel, the admin can view all service requests listed.
    • To view the current activities of the system, they can select the new request details.
    • Completed, canceled, and rejected requests are also included in this list.
  • App settings:
    • Settings involve the app theme, color, and functions of the apps.
    • The admin can change any of the properties for all their app solutions.
    • They can also make app updates mandatory for the users to use the app and disable individual functions.
  • Explore Data:
    • Inspect all cloud data and records that can get exported to Excel sheets.
    • By exporting the data, the system admin can manage and analyze it.
    • To extract information quickly, effective sorting and search filters are also added.
  • Service Verification:
    • A verification OTP will sent to the user after a service provider arrives for the requested service.
    • The Urbanclap clone app makes sure the registered service provider has arrived at the right location and guarantees safety.
    • At the time of provider registration OTP verification and verify the service provider’s identity when they accept a service request.
  • Autofill Location: 
    • By pinning the location on the map provided in the user app and website, users can choose to autofill it.
    • The app locates the users and fills in their location details if a user doesn’t want to do that manually, using GPS.
    • Furthermore, from the admin panel in real time, the admin can also find users and providers.
  • History:
  • The system can save the data of every service request placed and the admin has the authority to access it.
  • Users can view their service history such as completed, scheduled, rejected, or canceled applications. 
  • Admin can view the users and service providers each data individually.

Covid-19 safety features in Urbanclap clone app:

  • Safety badge: The badge is the symbol that confirms the service provider has no coronavirus symptoms.
  • Coronavirus trackers: It shows the number of coronavirus-affected cases in the customer’s locality and the distance prevailing between the nearest COVID-19 patients.
  • Enhanced route: The route in the in-app map has been upgraded, which intimates the red zones for the drivers and suggests another route.
  • Face Mask Scanner: It verifies if the service provider is wearing the face mask or not.

Technologies used:

  • Laravel
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Apache

How effective is Urbanclap clone app development for your business?

There are 4 major reason to choose the urbanclap clone app.

  1. Time: When you start a new platform for your business, you desire to enter the online market quickly. You can reduce the development time, using such app clones or website clones.  So, our Urbanclap clone app give you a perfect solution.
  2. Cost: For creating and developing a new website, more effort and higher cost is required. Urbanclap clone app is a quick and less cost solution. So, it saves your money and resources.
  3. Smooth launch: Any new website or app requires more planning. But, Clone scripts remove all the market research and planning, design, etc. Hence, it is easy and fast to make development process.
  4. SEO: It becomes easy to plan a fully customized SEO strategy, having a ready website or app for delivering home services. It’s all helps to get more new customers into the business in the best way.


A clone solution helps in satisfying to every need of the life cycle. Moreover, the Urbanclap clone app makes all the mapping and assignment work easy for you, from designing home, healthy requirements to capturing beautiful moments, learning technologies, filling taxes, etc.


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