People are staying indoors and ordering their food online and are spending on off-premises orders like a drive-through, curbside pickup, take-away, or delivery, due to COVID 19. when social distancing and lockdown were not there, although the takeout and delivery were already famous before COVID-19. But today, people are being aware of the safety of staying safe and ordering food online. On the other side, technological development has made a change in every aspect of the lives of people including the food industry. During the past few years, there has been a tremendous impact of technological developments on the food industry. 

Nowadays, technology has led to a lot of innovations. Technological advancements have been accepted at a slower rate compared to others in some industries. The food industry is making use of technology and converting it into the digital world. 

In such a situation, many food delivery businesses are satisfying the demand and assisting restaurants to keep their kitchens open. Online food delivery businesses are growing rapidly and you may need to launch online food delivery services if you want to experience the benefits of this market.

To start an online food delivery business, here are a few tips that you must know:

  1. Search for places that have signs of demand:

You need to survey your potential customers, to find out the correct area for your business. To evaluate the demand you may offer services temporarily. Other than that, you need to find out the other signs like people in that particular area are having access to data connections, disposable income, and smartphones. Because they need to have all these things to order food online.

Communicate with nearby restaurants and know about the problems that they are facing present such as low count of orders, high charges from other delivery businesses like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. Motivate the dine-in restaurants that have suffered during Covid-19, to start their kitchen and start curbside pickup & delivery orders to sustain.

  1. Find your niche:

The food delivery business operates more activities like farm-to-table, meal kits to restaurant delivery orders. So, after finding out your target location, then find your niche and, decide whom you are going to target and whether you want to focus on a big corporate deal or target individual entrepreneurs.

You can give a fixed number of meals every day for employees working in corporate if it is a corporate deal. You may target some specific types of food like a low-carb diet, raw food, keto diet, or any other diet.

  1. Define your approach:

There are a few ways to proceed with the food delivery business. You should confine your approach. It depends on your budget. You need funds to develop your food delivery applications, then market your business among your nearby restaurants, manpower who will handle menus, restaurant sign-in, customer cells, etc.

Approach to form your marketplace business applications:

Applications needed:

  • Web portal for Food ordering marketplace 
  • Web backend to manage menu, customers, orders, etc,  for restaurant staff.
  • Master backend to manage each and everything of the system for platform owner staff.
  • To manage orders & their deliveries from various delivery men, Delivery Management web system.
  • Marketplace food ordering apps for mobile – iPhone & Android.
  • Delivery men app for mobile – iPhone & Android.
  • How do you obtain these applications from IT development companies for your business?

There are two ways:

  1. Custom App development is needed to automate marketplace business from scratch. Which will take significant time and money efforts. A fully developed custom food ordering marketplace application development will take 5 to 6 months in development and need around $15000-$20000 funds when you get it done from companies.
  2. White Label food ordering marketplace apps: This is an ideal solution if you are beginning a new marketplace business. In this, you will get pre-tested and well-coded marketplace apps at less cost and in less time in your business branding. It barely costs $2000 – $2500 and you can get it in 10 to 30 days only. You can feel the apps in advance before making the purchase. Therefore, you will feel the product in custom development after it is developed for you.
  3. Your online delivery services should be mobile-friendly: 

The usage of smartphones is increasing rapidly and then it is expected that the growth is to reach more than ever before by the end of this year. So, to reach more customers, your online delivery services app must be mobile-friendly. You must optimize your website for mobile and check how it looks and works for tablets and smartphones. And look if customers can see your offerings, and check if the order process is intuitive and if all other things are working fine or not. It is essential to make sure that customers can easily order food in your app hassle-free. 

  1. Hire Delivery persons: 

Once an order is placed by the customer and accepted by the restaurant, the delivery men deliver the order safely and quickly to the customer. So, hire reliable persons for the delivery. In the beginning, you will hire 1 or 2 drivers, and depending on the size of your business, then you will hire more drivers. Make sure that the delivery drivers you hire must have a license. And check if they have any accidental history or driving violations. Also, you can train them in basic customer service skills for boosting customer satisfaction.

  1. Do proper marketing:

For building awareness about your online delivery business, use social media. Nowadays, Social media platforms are the best way to make awareness and communicate with your customers. If possible, launch marketing campaigns on social media and put the company name of your website on the delivery men’s vehicles.


Online food delivery is a quickly growing marketing strategy to make profits for many business people. Food is the basic thing of every person and they have no time to cook with their busy schedules. Moreover, many people are avoiding eating their food in restaurants due to Covid-19. So, they find an easy and convenient way to order food from their home and get their food at their doorstep. If you are going to launch your online food delivery business, keep the above points in your mind to make it successful.


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