Ecommerce website are the fastest growing services around globe, along with web service people mostly liked to browser the products from mobile app. So the demand and quality of Ecommerce mobile app has been constantly increasing day-to-day. When compare with iOS, Android mobile app has risen a long way so most of the people using Android mobile devices ahead of other operating platforms. Android Ecommerce store apps has doing billion business among other business applications, most of the retail store setting up there own mobile ecommerce application for explore the business.

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Google’s Android app store, the place where millions of app has been installed every single day and people can found their interests from the availability of various category. So many ecommerce store building up their own mobile application in Google play app store which allow the customers to install the app for free.

By creating an application for mobile, User can easily browse their product and purchase from anywhere in very few mins. With increase of demand for android ecommerce store app, user equally facing many drawbacks while using mobile application. Ecommerce app are made with some extra specification which also includes payouts and transactions with wider market. By including those various attribute in mobile service, the user interface will stuggle at times and made to grumble about application.

Android Ecommerce Store Apps: Common Issues of Android Users

Some of the common issues faced by users of Android Ecommerce Store Apps has been listed below. Without discussing more about e-commerce store applications, let’s have a look some widely used e-commerce store apps Walmart and Amazon.

Walmart – Ecommerce Android App Issues

Walmart is the most popular ecommerce store in United States where more than 30 million peoples using their android mobile app. The Walmart Mobile App for iPhone and Android lets their users browse, search and buy products, view Rollbacks and locate the nearest Walmart store.

“One issue if this app could have a feature to add items to your registry that would make me so happy”, according to one of the Walmart app users.”

“Terrible UI. Really, really clumsy. Menu system follows no convention used by anything I’ve seen. Will not reliably refill prescriptions. Fails near end of process with error. Hangs on login resulting is disabled online account access. Got into pharmacy and get trapped by app in one functional area. Only way out is to log out, leave app, and log back in. As I said, unadulterated piece of crap”.

Amazon – Ecommerce Android App Issues

Amazon the world’s most largest online shopping store which serving their products in various locations across globe. Most popularly Amazon using with huge number in US and India, the android mobile appliation of Amazon has been downloaded nearly around 30 millions users till date. The market leading ecommerce store official mobile application has intervene with some issue while browsing the products. The Amazon application comes with lots of helpful shopping features through which one can scan a barcode, type a search and snap a picture. Here are some of the major issues which occurs in Amazon mobile application.

“Last update sucks I use to give amazon 5 stars until the latest update. Will not allow you to track your orders, says it’s not available at this time. Have to contact the seller to get the tracking information. Plz fix asap”, said by Amazon app user.”

“Not a fan of recent updates… The more recent updates just show you a version of their website for tracking. It’s isn’t as informative or helpful. Please revert. -1 star from my previous glowing review.”


The above listed issue registered by few among the customers of Walmart and Amazon, however the application working with good user interface after developing new updated version. Even the most popular ecommerce platform has facing many issues in android application, so for building an professional Ecommerce application hire an android developer who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about developing best e-commerce store apps without any problem.

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