Business models evolve, sometimes with changes in the market and sometimes with the advent of technology, new exciting trends appear. As a result, you can now place orders for fresh chicken online with some of the big vendors who are ready to serve you with amazing home deliveries. This means you can save yourself from the hassle of in-store meat shopping and enjoy your home cooking experience creating spectacular and mouth-watering non-vegetarian food at home. Here we listed 10 meat delivery apps that can bring you new and healthier meat varieties at the best prices.

Top 5 Meat Ordering Apps in India

Top 5 Meat Ordering Apps in India 


Lucius is an online application that serves meat and seafood. The company offers fresh, marinated or cold-cut meats that are individually  hand-cut and vacuum-sealed packages.. It has a central processing plant and several storage units in Many cities. It works on a zero inventory model. It serves fresh meat, chicken, fish, eggs, mutton & seafood, and more. It also offers a subscription feature, which allows you to pre-set delivery dates and products. Its app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. They promise to deliver new premium products from world-class production units after 150 quality tests. They also offered Awesome Coupons and Fantastic Discounts for Customers.

Tender cut

Order chicken and meat products from tender cuts, this is operated in Chennai and Hyderabad. You can get certified halal products that do not contain formalin, preservatives, and antibiotics. Tender cuts give you not only wonderful chicken and meat products but also a wide variety of spices, meat mixes, and pickles, giving you all the encouragement you need so that even a beginner can prepare good meals. Explore, test, and refine your cooking skills with these excellent online apps that provide all the cooking essentials you need when it comes to non-vegetarian foods. Make sure your online orders are pocket-friendly and convenient at the same time. Visit CashKaro to get awesome deals like daily meat coupons and many more. CashKaro offers you incredible offers, discounts, and promo codes from various vendors.

Zapp fresh

This is an online site that offers a new meal delivery service. It sells fresh meat purchased from collective farms in and around the city. They use hygienic baking depending on the quality of the meat. Claims to have reached the operational breakdown point in February 2016, with the app delivering nearly 12,000 orders per month. Unrevealed funds were recently raised in August 2016 from Ashwin Satta (IAN) and another investor.

Fresh to home

Fresh to Home is an application-based site that serves raw seafood and meat. It serves chicken, naturally grown mutton, duck, and other meats. It delivers meat to the customer’s doorstep through its own logistics team. The company offers its services in leading cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, and Thrissur.


Fipola is India’s first modern meat retailer company. Founded in December 2016 by Sushil Kanugolu, they offer premium products and excellent customer service with a hygienic and comfortable shopping environment.

Fipola offers unlimited meats (fish/chicken/lamb), cuts, and flavors. Their services include free chicken and goat with a wide variety of exotic seafood. Fipola guarantees you the fastest home delivery within two hours of your order. To ensure a smooth and easy cooking experience they offer safe, pre-cleaned, and pre-prepared chicken products like chicken lollipop, chicken curry cut, chipotle chicken spread. This app brings the best meats to your table. For customer convenience, they also use an e-commerce platform to place online orders and door-to-door delivery based on call centers.


India’s biggest grocery delivery app Big Basket also delivers meat online. It makes services of meat delivery for limited cities. This company will expand its services across India in the future. It offers a broad variety of meat and delivers from the best suppliers in the country. You can get the best meat like mutton, chicken, fish, or lamb from this app. This app is available in Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumba, and more.


Meatigo is a meat-ordering app that provides fresh chicken, mutton, fish, and more in cities in India. It is available in both Android and iOS platforms to install and its service is available in particular cities in India. This app is easy to use. Select the meat which you want, enter your address, and select a delivery time that is suitable for you. The service of this app is available in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.


Dunzo, a pickup, and delivery app is also a meat ordering app. Including grocery, food, and medicine, this app delivers meat to your doorstep. The butcher shop owners can partner with this Dunzo app and make a profit by delivering meat to nearby customers. The services of Dunzo are available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and more.


Like Dunzo, Swiggy also provides meat delivery services including delivering groceries, medicine, and more. You can place an order for meat from a nearby shop and swiggy will deliver it to your doorsteps. Swiggy is the most famous mobile app in India with more than 10 crore mobile app downloads. Swiggy is one of the top online meat delivery apps expanding its services in each sector.

Everyday Meat:

The everyday Meat app is very easy to use. Just you can browse from a large variety of meats in the app and add them to your cart. You can track your order till delivery, once you place the order. This app is available in Hyderabad, and it is extending its service to other parts of India.

Benefits of On-demand Meat delivery app

  • In recent days the usage of Meat delivery mobile application is increasing and here are some of the top benefits of using the online meat delivery mobile app.
  • Customers Convenience – Online Meat apps allows users to order their favourite meats just within one or two taps and delivering it at their doorsteps. This saves more time of the customers going to a store.
  • Wide collections of Meats – This Meat app provide a wide range of meats which includes sea foods, pork, beef, chicken. According to their preferences users can customize their orders.
  • Quality of the product – In order to provide their costumers a high-quality product , the delivery apps tie- up reliable and trusted suppliers. To maintain the quality and the freshnes of the product they deliver using temperature controlled vehicle.
  • Transparency – The app provides all the information such as the customer ordered products, the quality, the source and many.
  • Cost-effective – To attract customers the app offers special deals and price. They are providing better values to the customers by eliminating intermediaries.

Wrapping up:

We hope you found this post useful. In addition to the applications mentioned above, there are innumerable meat delivery apps in India and app development companies. We smarther technologies renowned for creating strong mobile and web applications by the best developers. We are interested in delivering flawless results by understanding the needs shared by customers. If you are interested in creating a meat delivery app, we offer our talented and efficient developers to use flawless results based on the demand shared by customers. For more details, contact us.



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