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Need of Mobile app and Website for Business: In this technology era, you ought to be conscious of the actual fact that trends in technology are booming ahead at the speed of sunshine. therefore you would like to be conversant in latest trends in technology particularly people who run client facing business. merely looking forward to ancient pattern may be risky for your business. we have a tendency to all recognize that computers have currently become nearly obsolete. With the introduction of mobile technology the landscape of client behavior and therefore the approach we have a tendency to do business has utterly modified. variety of mobile users are currently on rise and it’s been foretold that by 2014 mobile web users can overtake desktop users. Please have check out the below graphical presentation that clearly shows the increase within the mobile web users.

And if we have a tendency to point out smartphones then it’ll not be wrong to mention that it’s fully modified the consumer’s behaviour and that they area unit exploitation it for speech purpose, on-line looking and conjointly for gamming. variety of smartphone users area unit apace increasing and it’s been expected that by the tip of a pair of016 there’ll be 2.5 billion smartphones within the world, and in line with the Juniper analysis annual smartphone sales can surpass one billion p.a..

Mobile App for higher Performance for Privilege Users 

Mobile app for your business is important for your regular usage as a result of mobile app provides higher mobile user expertise. it’s simply downloadable and accessible and doesn’t need web in most of apps cases. there’s no ought to access your business once more and once more via web.

As per the main points by Compuware it’s been recommended that these days’ shopper preferences area unit altogether in favour of mobile apps i.e. eighty fifth previous the mobile websites. the foremost common reason for it’s that these apps area unit additional convenient (55%), quicker (48%) and easier to browse (40%). The below exposure shows the good thing about mobile apps vs. mobile sites.

Mobile web site for higher Engagement for brand spanking new Users 

Having mobile app for your business is ok however you ought to not neglect mobile web site. giving mobile web site with mobile apps will offer you higher competitive edges. In most of the cases new users aren’t a lot of privy to your business and don’t notice it snug to transfer or install your business app.

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