Push Notification for Android and iOS helped business to increase mobile apps engagement and retention. This has changed the way marketers deliver the information to the customers, creating marketing strategies and targeting audiences. Its capabilities are large and need to be improved on a wider range. It can bring new customers to buy your product or to use your services, it can also be your business growth improving tool, can be your marketing channel to communicate information like coupons, deals, and new updates. To reach your users about your offers, upcoming launch of product or service this will be a useful one.

With the wide usage of mobile phones, push notifications platform has been increasing and this offers services at more reasonable prices matching your needs and interests. Here is the list of top 10 push notification platforms.

  1. Carnival.io –  Because of its easy user interface and simple feature, mobile app developers prefers this platform. It doesn’t give developers any trouble during development and provides features like Personalization, Behavioral Triggering, and Rich Messaging. It offers insights for retargeting campaigns and for automatic marketing. Cross-channel feature improves the experience furthermore.
  2. OneSignal – You can rise on this Cross-platform push notification feature. OneSignal provides features like automatic delivery, real-time tracking, A/B test messages, and it is more scalable. OneSignal is free, and there is also premium options available.
  3. Kumulos – In addition to developers, it also allows clients to create, measure, control and can manage push notification campaigns. And this way will help you to get closer to your clients and can also generate more revenues. The key features of this Kumulos are automated geolocation campaigns, easy use of branded push notification portal, iBeacon support, segment targeting, useful reports and more.
  4. Localytics –  Many top mobile app development companies prefer Localytics. Based on user interest and behavior it helps in gaining more users. It enables a way to create in-app messaging campaigns.
  5. PushBots – It is one of the most powerful in-app messaging push notification platforms. This PushBots not only for Mobile apps it can also be well suited for browsers. Some of its key features are Analysis, summary, engagement charts, reporting, automation. In addition to this, it is very easy to install.
  6. Kahuna  – It is one of the most attractive cross-channel Platform. It recognizes the current state of particular user based upon their app usage and it is highly effective. It identifies active users, the one who doesn’t use the app, new users. It allows to interact with the users and customize your messages.
  7. Taplytics  – Taplytics made mobile optimization simple. It is one of the best push notification platforms for both Android and iOS. It features are, tailored marketing campaigns, visual A/B testing, real-time changes, analytics and more.
  8. PushWoosh – Pushwoosh includes call-to-action buttons, high-quality images, and videos. This works well with around 21 different web browsers and mobile platforms.
  9. Urban Airship – A free and leading push notification Platform. Its features include predictive insights, unified customers profile, multi-channel messaging. Urban Airship’s clientele’s are Jet Airways, AccuWeather, Zillow, Adidas, NBC News.

Catapush – It offers 2 way services that make replies to the push messages. Business can interact more effectively with customers through this Catapush platform. It also delivers features like in-app messaging, delivery status and push personalization. 

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