Do you have a beauty spa or saloon but don’t know how to manage your consumers or reach out of the box or falsify to get more business for it? Then this article is for you!

Well, the beauty industry grows without any break.  A report from Groupon, about $3756 amount will be spent by females in a year inside the spa and salon. Wondering!!! But few beauty entrepreneurs were unaware of this. If you are one among them, develop a spa and salon appointment booking app with the mobile app development company. 

Spa & Salon Appointment Booking App: Must-Have Features and Cost of Development

Whether you are an expert in hairdo or a makeup artist or skincare streamline your services with your own mobile application just to maintain and manage your consumers. The ultimate goal for developing mobile applications is to stress out the frustration and pressure for your consumers and the stylist.  Also, the mobile application for your own salon industry enhances your sales and increases the Return Of Investment (ROI).  Before investing your idea and money into the best mobile app development company you have to know about the features and the cost of developing your mobile application. 


  1. Personal Accounts 
  2. A Complete List Of Services
  3. Pricing List Of Services
  4. Appointment Booking
  5. In-app Payments
  6. Selected Beauticians Based On User Choice
  7. Customized Offers
  8. Implementing Geolocation
  9. Push Notifications
  10. Haircut Of The Week


Allow your user to create their personal profile.  This reduces the time by directly entering into their account without requesting them to enter the details whenever they used to open your mobile application.  Also, it helps them to directly select their specialist.


Nowadays the spa and saloon never say no. There are no restrictions for coloring and cutting the hair.  Also, the spa and salon services got its extensions and they are using different latest technologies for their beauty industry. For example, laser hair removal, scalp treatments, and so on.

Showing a photo library for each and every service of your saloon is the best idea to approach and advertise your spa.  Do the same in your mobile application. Post images and videos of your services.


Transparency is the most important key to your salon business.  To maintain that you have to show your pricing in the services list. This helps your business, your client used to compare the services and pricing with your competitors. Your pricing list page should contain:

  1. Adding different categories with pricing
  2. Giving variations and packs
  3. Discounts and Deals


Every salon mobile application should have this feature.  This makes your consumer fix an appointment with your industry in a hassle-free manner.  The mobile application should have an inbuilt calendar and timer to book an appointment at a convenient time.  The button in the Spa and Salon appointment booking mobile application asks the following data when it has been clicked.

  1. Service to avail
  2. Time and Date
  3. Whether it is the first time with the beautician/salon
  4. Add a message to the beautician


When it comes to online booking applications, it is important to have this feature. The consumer can pay their service charge via multiple online payment gateways also the cash payment should be available. The in-app payments include PayPal, Paytm, Braintree, or stripe, and also they allow the user to pay with credit or debit card.  Also, you can ask your consumer to pay with Google Wallet or Apple pay too.


Peoples are more concerned about their hair so that they like to have selective beauticians to provide services.  They don’t like to go to some random beauticians. For this purpose, the mobile applications integrated a feature where the user can book an appointment with their favorite beautician or saloon when they were available. 


Always you have offer deals for your consumers. When you do the same for all users it will lead to a loss for your business.  So that you have to provide customized offers for your potential consumers that will create loyalty.  Personalized offers and deals help you to reach a large number of consumers and your potential consumers never say no to your business.


You might think that Is a spa and salon appointment booking app should be integrated with geo-location? Of course yes this helps your consumers to reach your place within a short period of time.  Also, it attracts some of your special clients. These features add special benefits for your clients.


One of the best benefits of having a mobile application for your spa and salon business is you can send a personalized message via notifications also you can notify you, consumers, with upcoming deals and also remind their appointment scheduling time. 


Always update different haircut styles and hairdo styles in mobile applications. Post the celebrity haircut image and mention the type of hairstyle and add a small description. Provide some hair styling tips and make the user try out the new hairstyle in your style.  Also, post new hairdo styles that help the user to check out your mobile application whenever they are ready to try the hairstyle for a few celebrations. 


The cost of developing a spa and salon appointment booking app varies with the features, size, platforms, developers, designers, QA engineers, Technologies used.  An approximate amount of developing on-demand appointment booking applications is ranges between $18,000 to $35,000 but it varies with app development companies.  


The advantages of developing sap and saloon mobile applications are many and the cost of developing is fewer.  Whether you are having a startup business or a branded one mobile application plays a vital role in your business. Hire the best mobile app development company in chennai for developing the new or adding feature to your mobile application.

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