Mobile App Promotion

Before researching 

1.Browse apps in the app store

Before getting into the app development, check the app store twice or even thrice is better to verify that there is no app which has exactly same features like your app which is to developed soon.

Because there are so many app releasing everyday coming up with new inventive ideas to conquer the world, so it is obvious to know that what is happening in the marketing world.

2.Observe the world

Take out your time and explore the world. Feel everything around you and decide what is that one app which is needed by everyone to survive their needs of their day-today lives.

The idea can be very small and easy but remember “Great things comes in small packages”

3.Attend seminars and meetups

Attend enough seminars and meetups to know the recent trends in app world and latest strategy in mobile marketing to promote or self-validate your app. These seminar would have been a great milestone setter in your life.

After researching

4.keyword Search

Once you have developed your app select a perfect name to market the app. Use keyword searcher to find the suitable name for your app . it gives the name with range( user’s search range ) which is searched by the users in google search engine.

5.Promote your app in social medias

The best way to promote your mobile app is social media. Nearly 75% of people are in social medias like facebook , twitter , linkedin so create a poll in social medias about your app and get the feedback as your first victory.

Building an app is one of the best ways these days to step into the startup world.

While the first step is coming up with an app idea, the essential second step is to determine whether your app idea exhibits markers of success before investing time, effort and money into building it.

Use this article as your handy guide firstly when coming up with an app idea. And subsequently when figuring out whether your app idea is really worth pursuing.

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