E-commerce apps are evolving nowadays.  As the rate of smartphone increase, the e-commerce app also increases.  The mobile app developer implements various latest technologies into the e-commerce mobile application and somethings we wonder about some of the technologies are no so useful as we thought of.  Before planning to discuss and develop an e-commerce mobile application with the best ecommerce app development company look at this blog to know about the importance of mobile e-commerce applications for your store and the features that are needed for an e-commerce app.  You have to know about the thing before investing a large amount into it. 

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A recent study by RetailMenot reviewed the retailers about how often they used to purchase on e-commerce mobile applications via tablets or smartphones and the results may really shock you.  More than 57% of retailers shop use the mobile app at least once per month and 10% of them say that they use the app more than one time in a day. Those who use apps daily might encourage you to develop both single and multi-vendor e-commerce mobile applications for your business.


The report says that nearly 39% of retailers installed more than retail-based apps on their phones and tablets. A discouraging thing is 21% of people never installed that once in their phone. More than 3% of users installed 10+ e-commerce apps in their handy devices.  This adds an additional advantage to develop an e-commerce app for your business. 

Before developing the e-commerce mobile application make sure that your consumer knows the importance of your application, whether they have any special reason to install your app in their devices.  After all memory should be less else the user can easily uninstall your retail application due to the storage space. 


  1. Mobile E-commerce is Trending Up
  2. Consumer Prefer Mobile Application
  3. Higher Conversion Rate
  4. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate


Sales from mobile applications are trending nowadays and people like to shop through e-commerce applications via smartphones and tablets since they consume the time and energy for the user. 

Within the next two years, 73% of consumers buy products via mobile applications.  When compared to other app category e-commerce apps are growing day-by-day and year by year there is a massive increase in using of e-commerce mobile applications. The average year-by-year growth rate increases by 6%.  

  • In the year 2016, the total e-commerce share is 52.4% i.e) 0.97 trillion-dollar
  • In 2017, it was increased by 6% and have 58.9% 
  • In 2018, it crosses 63.5% that is 2.23 trillion US dollars.
  • In 2019, the e-commerce share rate is $2.19 trillion 
  • In 2020 it is expected that it will raise 70.4% 
  • In 2021 it will be raised by 3.56 U.S trillion- dollars. 


A mobile-friendly website is absolutely necessary for every business. People like to shop through mobile applications rather than purchasing through websites.  Even 85% of users suggest that they prefer mobile-optimized sites than desktop versioned websites. 

88% of people likely return to mobile sites after a bad experience of desktop usage and 47% of users prefer the loading speed of a website should be less than 2 sec. So it is important to have a mobile-friendly site for your business. The next step is developing mobile application for your e-commerce store.  78% of users likely to purchase products through mobile applications instead of purchasing through the website. 


  • 63% of people said it is more convenient
  • 57% of people said it is faster
  • 40% of people said their data and the settings are stored
  • 31% of people said they have user benefits and rewards.
  • 20% of people said they can find better deals.
  • 14% of people said they can do more than they want
  • 5% of people said it is more entertaining. 


Quality and quantity are always crucial for every business. At the end of the day everything you need to boost your KPI and to get the benefits from the bottom line. Lets, look at the conversion rate between the mobile application and the website based purchases.

Products viewed per user5.7 +286%22.0
Add to basket13%+85%24%
Purchases 44%+23%54%
Conversion Rate+130%


Shopping cart abandonment is the major problem of the e-commerce business. It is one of the most important KPIs that should be tracking.  20% of shopping cart abandonment seen in mobile applications, In desktop 68% of cart abandonment is viewed whereas in mobile browsers 97% of shopping cart abandonment is viewed.


  1. 60% of consumer says that Extra cost like shipping and taxes is added.
  2. 37% of people state that while purchasing they forced us to create an account.
  3. Long and complicated checkout process felt by 28%
  4. 23% of users say that they couldn’t be estimated the total cost
  5. Website crashes and errors occurs complained by 20%
  6. 19% of consumers didn’t trust card or net banking payments. 


Your e-commerce store needs a mobile application!!!

There is a massive increase of smartphones leads to e-commerce commerce applications. People tend to shop for products through mobile applications. When it comes to the entrepreneur perspective the e-commerce mobile application increases the KPIs rate. Some of the most important KPI’s are

  1. Shopping cart Abandonment
  2. Increased conversions
  3. Higher average order
  4. Higher retention rate

Furthermore, people like to purchase products through mobile applications so that you can’t ignore that without developing. Building an e-commerce application is easy with the best e-commerce app development company.

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