An average person who owns a smartphone is spending nearly 4 hours using his mobile. With the growth of extensive mobile users, the demand for app is high. Every business looking to launch its service or product in a mobile platform. In this modern era, app-based businesses making billions across the world with their unique idea.

Launching a product or service online and let their users access it through a mobile app made everyone’s job easy. Creating distinctive ideas will lead your business to grow next step with the help of a mobile app. With more than 4 billion active internet users, the growth of mobile app-based business certainly looks huge in coming years.

If you’re someone who is looking to start a business using a mobile app platform, then here is the list of unique mobile app business ideas.

50 mobile app ideas to start a business with low investment

Mobile App Business Ideas with Low Investment

#1 – Restaurant app

The food industry is a much-demand sector in every region of the universe. Starting a food business with the help of a mobile app will help increase your sales. Managing food orders and delivering them through a food delivery mobile app makes the process much easier.

#2 – On-demand car wash app

Creating an app for car washing service is a unique business idea. In this hustling world, booking an appointment for car washing through a mobile app makes work simple.

#3 – Exam Study App

With pandemic takes the entire world to shutter during 2020 makes the education sector operates completely online. With the awareness of online education among students and parents, launching an exam study app is a good business idea.

#4 – Tracking/Navigation App

Any sector which depends on lots on transporting their goods and services do require technology to track the vehicle. To help resolve the concern, a mobile app could be a handy choice that helps to track down vehicles using GPS.

#5 – Online Flower And Gift Delivery App

Sending a gift for a person on their special day or occasion can make their day even special. A mobile app would help to choose the desired gift and send them to a person on their doorsteps. So it could be a unique idea for connecting people buy presents.

#6 – Parking App

Find a parking slot in a busy city is the toughest job while traveling. To resolve the concern, the idea of creating a mobile app will guide people to find a place to park their vehicle.

#7 – Interior Design App

The growth of interior design is always high. To make the process even special creating an app will give customers a virtual experience to see the output through the mobile app.

#8 – Security Control App

Security is one of the major concern be at home or work. An app will help to monitor your places with the help of connecting a CCTV camera to your mobile by using the internet. You can control the security using the app.

#9 – Finance And bill Management App

Following payments is one of the toughest things if you have multiple options. To resolve the issue, the finance and bill management app would be a unique solution to maintain and remind you of all the payments.

#10 – Social Media Apps

Social media is the place where the entire world is. An average internet user is spending around 1 to 3 hours in social media every day. Make use of the user base and create an interesting social media app to launch a new business.

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Mobile App Business Ideas with Low Investment

#11 – Ride Sharing App

A real-time car-sharing software that lists the vehicles any time you go so that other people can share the journey, whether they do so themselves, and divide costs accordingly.

#12 – Language Translation App

Translation into the voice language software that translates a person’s spoken words in real-time so that a different speaker can understand them. For a smartphone application, it is a very fascinating and useful concept.

#13 – Productivity And Motivation app

A job planning and inspiration software that reminds you of everyday to-do activities and motivates you to do the least eager tasks, including training, waking up, reading, and more.

#14 – Expense Management App

An application for receipt processing that stores all user receipts and charges in one location such that any receipt is no longer managed manually. The company also has the option of sending receipts to your smartphone application directly.

#15 – Subscription-manager App

An application of the abonnement agency that monitors and informs you of your bills and subscriptions on the day of the order. An automated payment system can also be installed for automated payments of bills.

#16 – Tenant Finder And Communication App

A locator and contact application that enables landlords to identify and connect directly with prospective tenants without a distributor. This will also allow locators to consult on property matters, maintenance conditions, leases, etc. with their current property owners.

#17 – Travel Suggestion App

A travel suggestion app that scans and finds the best places to visit and things to do in a certain place for the customer. It will also showcase the finest restaurants, hotels, etc., and features for analysis.

#18 – App For Refugees

A refugee application to assist them to learn new locations’ languages and traditions, to communicate with local people, and to better become part of the group.

#19 – Charity Donation App

A food distribution scheme where restaurants can find proper causes and give their surplus food every day in their local communities. Not only can it save a lot of calories, which is otherwise wasted, but it will also benefit many poor people.

#20 – Transport App

An app that allows users to catch buses on time by changes to bus timing, timetable, changes in time, wait, etc. The GPS facility can also be used to watch the position of the bus in real-time.

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Mobile App Business Ideas with Low Investment

#21 – GST Return Filing App

An application that tracks all your revenue, company supplies, expenditures, and tax transactions and calculates your tax obligation automatically for the year in question. For all kinds of taxpayers, this is immensely useful.

#22 – Note-Taking App

A shared forum to remember that anyone will take notes, exchange comments, add notes, or make new notes on a given subject or lecture or seminar.

#23 – Text Reader App

A text reader software that reads the text on paper to store it on your telephone or PC in digital format. The picture of the document is not scanned, but the text and number written on it are only to be read.

#24 – Civil Construction App

The application for online recruiting services allows users to compare the various providers and to choose them on a budget basis. Users should post online their conditions, budget, and time of access. Contractors will see the advertisements and respond with enthusiasm and find the bid.

#25 – Interest-based Dating App

An app focused on passions that helps users find the best dates for special purposes such as the nerds, geeks, comic lovers, etc. The best spot to find a date for introverts.

#26 – Goal Tracking App

A goal-management app that allows you to build life goals, track them, share them with others and find others who share the same goals to help users to achieve these goals.

#27 – Messaging App

An instant message application that has the functionality of all common IM applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, and FB messaging. It offers excellent texting, video calls, sound calls, internet calls, sharing, emojis, sharing of business cards and records, large file sharing, and more.

#28 – Book Review App

The book review app lets you capture a snapshot of the book and get quick feedback from Amazon, Goodreads, and others to help you choose whether or not to purchase/read the book.

#29 – Home Cleaning Service App

A home cleaning application that allows users to find and rent an individual and service to clean a single house instead of the whole flat, saving money and time.

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Mobile App Business Ideas with Low Investment

#30 – Money Lending Manager App

An interface to keep track of those who owe you money and those who owe money (friends etc.), a money loan manager. It has the names of certain persons, the number that is outstanding, due dates, etc. You are also informed of due dates and can pay by integrated payment options.

#31 – Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Living App Service and Shopping App Service will find the appropriate service or agent to shop for you exactly in the list of food you give and to supply the foodstuffs before your door.

#32 – All-In-service Help App

An all-in-one assistance application for some aid in plumbing, renovation, repairs, mechanics, medical care, teaching, etc. at your doorstep.

#33 – Story Writing And Sharing App

Writing and posting a story app for people with memories. You can access the software and write a story that other people can share and change.

#34 – Event Planning And Invitation App

An urgent party preparation and inviting application that enables you to schedule and organize all of your activities in the app for immediate parties. You may also submit invitations from your contact list to the chosen individuals instantly.

#35 – Startup Assistance App

Start-up support application to help startups and small business people find solutions to basic issues about setting up a new business, looking for customers, obtaining funding, business tips, and all that.

#37 – Micro Job App

An app to find small paying jobs in your city. It is for users who need easy cash and is prepared to do minor jobs such as computer maintenance, dog walk, babysitting, tampering with a lawn, and other related activities.

#38 – Review and Earn App

Study and make a website that provides its customers with some sort of present or money by downloading and using a newly released application and writing feedback or assigning scores.

#39 – Public Transport App

Public transport app with all the information on public transport systems in a specific city or town, including scheduling, roads, times, conditions, etc. In a particular case, users can search the app for the most appropriate transport alternative.

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#40 – Song Finder App

An app that enables users to locate the title of a certain song based on the user’s tone or any words. The album can also be downloaded or listened to online.

Mobile App Business Ideas with Low Investment

#41 – Beauty Specialist Hiring App

An on-demand beauty platform that enables consumers to locate and recruit the best stylist for home service choices at any time. A built-in payment option may also be available.

#42 – Wishlist App

Users may enter the long-term objectives in the software to satisfy the application. The software will then look online and discover the right way for users to really get items on their lists.

#43 – Video Hosting App

A web hosting software for comic images to stand up. You can either post your own live comedy performance videos or film a live event, much like YouTube, which you attended and gained from your view.

#44 – Tutor Finder App

The tutor-finding application enables students to find the right instructor or tutor for a given subject. A rating framework, instructor profile, rankings, etc. will further enhance the app.

#45 – Toilet Finder App

A smartphone application to locate a public bathroom in the neighborhood. It’s a useful app for almost everyone worldwide.

#46 – On-demand Health Check App

An on-demand wellness inspection app that can help you locate a psychiatrist, nurse, or other home-service health professional. You can read this if you are hunting for any of India’s leading mobile application production firms.

#47 – Deal Alert App

A price warning app in the immediate vicinity will tell you about new sales and discounts from the closest stores, retail venues, and theatres. The types you wish to receive deal updates can be selected.

#48 – Giveaway App

Transfer app which allows a user to donate or gift unused things to a person who needs them.

#49 – Health Video Chat App

A fitness video chat service that connects like-minded people.. Persons with the same kind of health problems (mental or physical) will communicate and speak through video/text chat.

#50 – Rental App

Renting unused products for a certain time period is an interesting idea to start a business. Listing all products based on location by connecting through a mobile app will make the process easier.

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