When technology goes high, people have to spend a lot of time to work after the heavy efforts they don’t have like or time to cook for them at that time they are in search of food delivery apps in their respective play store.  This creates a great impact in fully integrate mobile applications by various companies.  After that food delivery business steps forwarded to develop food ordering and delivery mobile applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, and so on. 

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Before implementing your idea with the mobile app development company or hiring a new freelancer app developer it is important to know about the most popular features that are integrated into food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato to reach their level high. In this article, you will understand 5 offbeat features from Zomato and Swiggy to keep in mind while developing an online food delivery mobile app


Here I mention some statistics of food delivery apps used by the food industry just to increase their profit. 

  1. In 2017 alone, food delivery mobile app Grubhub had $4 billion in food sales. 
  2. Ubereats had 230% increase in last year alone with its potential consumer spending $220 annually.
  3. According to research, GrubHub has been used by 37.8% multi-cuisine restaurants and Ubereats by 36.0%


Let me share 5 royal features that make Zomato and Swiggy- the giants of food delivery reaching a consistent place on people’s minds. 

  1. Vast choices of Restaurants
  2. Order Scheduling
  3. Geo-location
  4. Rating System
  5. Internal Payment System


Swiggy and Zomato apps are considered to be food ordering and delivery mobile application models, where one can easily order foods from registered restaurants and that will be delivered by a delivery boy.   In the search feature, one can find a large number of restaurants in their nearby location.  It is easy to register by the food industry to be displayed on the restaurant’s list. When you click the search button a list of hotels that are located in your surroundings will be displayed with the time taken to deliver.  Also in these lists, you can view the prioritized offers that will be displayed based on your profile.  You choose foods from their favorite restaurants or can choose their favorite food from various restaurants based on food, services, and also deals. 


With the help of this feature, you can able to order the food in advance by setting the delivery time.  For instance, if you are a working person and the mobile phones are not allowed in your company but you have ordered the lunch at this time you can order the food from a restaurant and click on the time to delivered and get relaxed. The lunch will be delivered at the right time. The automated order system process orders the food without involving yourself. Just you have to order the food and wait for it at the delivery time. Here there are two categories are listed either you can pick up your order or you can choose the delivery person to make delivery of your order. These all happen with a single food delivery mobile application


The user needs to know the full process update now and them.  This live tracking system helps the user to know the time of order, the preparation of food and the food to be delivered.  The user can track the real-time location of the delivery person it shows the estimated time for them to reach your location.  In the delivery executive app, the delivery person can able to track the location of the user.  After the confirmation of the order from the user, the phone number of the delivery person will be displayed. The change of address or other information that has to be sent to the delivery person can be done with chat or call.  


Rating is the most important thing when it comes to the on-demand mobile application.   People used to select restaurants that have a high rating and reviews.  

People consider reviews and ratings as a recommendation.  If your reviews are best the ordering foods will be higher.  If it is low, then people will choose other restaurants. The rating system provides the overall progress of your restaurants.  This bridges the bond between the consumer and the on-demand food delivery mobile application with enhanced user experience. 


When it comes to online business it should be integrated with multiple payment modes. This system allows the user to pay with credit or debit cards, internet banking, pay with wallets and even cash on Delivery (COD) is available. Enabling the online payment even the order is delivered could help if the user runs out of cash.

You can add these features into your food delivery mobile application also you can add some search filters and wishlist in your mobile application to stay elevated from your competitors.  Set the right goal helps you to achieve success in this field. Keep targeting and tracking the small, medium, or large food industries.  The more food industries the more usage of your business.  

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