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A good user interface will express the future of an app. Without an excellent user interface, your app won’t achieve success only with a strong and creative app idea. Smarther is the leading UI/UX design company,we turn your idea into an app. We deliver products with scalability, reliability, and sustainability.

Ui/Ux Design Company

UI/UX designers’ work is to make user-friendly interfaces that are easy to use for users and comfortable to use complicated technical products by them. UI means “User Interface” and UX means “User Experience”. Both these elements are important to a product and work together closely.

Difference between UI and UX design:

UI design:

It relates to the app’s graphical layout which includes screen layout, buttons, animations, micro-interactions, transitions, and more. A good UI design help users to do their tasks fastly with minimum effort. It should be enjoyable, free from frustration, and satisfactory.

The UI design should express the brand value of the company.

  • Its focus on how product look and feel
  • UI designers mainly focus on the visuals and quality of the end product, and they deal with the technicalities of the product design.
  • UI designers design prototypes in full color
  • UI designers use tools such as Sketch, Flinto, Principle, and InVision for image designing.
  • They have to add artistic element in their design, since it deals with what user sees, hear, and feels.

UX design:

User Experience is determined by how users interact with the app. It helps users to have a positive experience. The product must be easily usable, self-explanatory, and logical. It should solve the problem of users, and the product should be accessible and usable by more people. It must allow users to complete their tasks seamlessly.

  • It completely deals with user’s journey
    UX designers focus mainly on the functionality and the purpose of the end product, and they do project management and analysis of the project.
  • UX designers design in black, grey, or white.
  • UX designers use Mockplus which is a wireframe-based prototype tool.
  • It has more of a social element, as it needs to know what the user wants to experience in the end product.

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      Why UI/UX design important?

      UI/UX design is important in the below ways:

        • It increases customer satisfaction and, improved ROI. The satisfaction of customers is the source of your business, as they say about your business to others. And they also become loyal to your business and come back again, resulting in more ROI.
        • UI/UX design makes you understand your customers. By making a good UI/UX design, you will know what customer wants. This helps to convert your customers into loyal customers, and sales will increase.
        • Increase your brand value: When you make a better UI/UX design, it increases customer satisfaction and makes clients happy. It enhances the reliability and credibility of your business and your business will grow.
        • Saves money and time: If you create UI/UX design, there is less chance that clients will find an issue with your app. A good and complete product will not need upgrades so your money and time for the update will be saved. Upgrading needs some investments, thus it makes losses for your business.


      UI/UX design services:

      From research to UX consulting, We Smarther offer more UI and UX design services.

          • User research and analysis:
            For smooth and quick app development, explain user requirements via usability testing, user interviews, and analytics reviews.
          • UI/UX design makes you understand your customers. By making a good UI/UX design, you will know what customer wants. This helps to convert your customers into loyal customers, and sales will increase.
          • Web UI/UX design:
            We design complicated UI/UX designs for web apps with compatibility, accessibility, and usability practices.
          • Desktop Design:
            Enhance the brand value as identity and productivity, with our experienced designers.
          • Wireframes and Prototyping:
            Our professional UI/UX designers ensure faster visualization of complex ideas and launch them live flawlessly.


          • User experience consulting:
            Get a data-driven planned guide to craft a better experience that enhances your brand value to the next step with our UX consulting services.


      Process of UI/UX design:

            • Step 1: product definition
              It is the crucial phase in the user design process. Our team of UI/UX designers collects user requirements based on their business requirements. The team of design, business manager, and product manager consult with their client. Analyze their need within the framework.
            • Step 2: Research
              This step analyzes the competitors and the latest trends. Analyze the competitors like strong and weak points, good features, and interesting solutions. The research will help you decide about the complete style of the product.
            • Step 3: Analyze your product Prepare a product vision from the information you gathered and share it with your client and get back feedback about this. Then document our workflow and progress in the form of a presentation.


            • Step 4: Design the product Here, Our team will design the product, and focus on colors, fonts, and experiment with various layouts. We test the prototype regularly. The overall product should be consulted with our development team since each idea is not easy or possible to implement.
            • Step 5: Implement the solution onto a webpage Once, the client accepts our design, we implement it onto the webpage.We will receive review from the development team and the client, before presenting our final work.
            • Step 6: Assess the work and improve it The final step is to assess the work. Quality assurance has to be made during every step of development. We will perform usability tests and make reports. A usability test is used to find out the interaction of users with your product and where and why they get confused.


      Why choose Smarther for UI/UX design?

      We help businesses to turn their idea into successful businesses with our UI/Ux design strategy plan. We are the leading UI/UX design company.

            • Customer-centric: Our main target is customer satisfaction, and ROI. We always care about clients’ development, as we are a customer-centric company. Our service will be 100% customer satisfaction and reliability. We offer services with scalability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
            • Technology-Oriented:
              We are a technology-oriented company. We offer services in e-marketing, mobile app development, web app development, and more. We are using advanced technology for app development.
            • Experience:
              We are delivering creative and innovative solutions through services and products in over 20 countries. Our team of experts provides the needed solutions for both web and mobile app development using their technical skills.
            • Cost-effective:
              Our entire team offers the service with diligence and intelligence, deliver cost-effective products to satisfy the clients, and provides without no compromising on quality.
            • Award-winning company:
              We received an award named “Enantra 2017” for the best mobile app development company. And get an award named “GFNArt 2017” for best technical support.

      To get more visitors involved with a brand’s website, it is important to make an excellent design. If your product is enjoyable and usable, the UI/UX design of your product is important to attract people. An effective UI/UX design offers the user a flawless experience, improves customer satisfaction, and saves time. For a better UI/UX design, hire a designer from the top-most UI/UX design company like Smarther. If you are looking for a UI/UX designer, contact us for obtaining a product with cost-effective, and high performance.

      Customized Services We Offer

      • Android App UI/ UX
      • Native & Hybrid App Development
      • App Programming with latest tools
      • Testing for flawless performance
      • Bug free App Development
      • Guaranteed Approval on Play store
      • Application Re-design
      • 24/7 Maintenance & Support


      Focusing Technical Aspects

      • Android SDK
      • Location based services
      • Third Party Integration
      • In-app purchase
      • Restore/ backup
      • Social-Media Integration
      • Admob Integrations
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