Social Media App Development Company  

Create a professional social media app & website to build your own online community. 

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Social Media App Development Company
Social Media App Development Company

Social Media Apps That Build
Your Brand Effectively

Social media platforms are the most popularly used platform in internet across the world. Creating a community among your business help people to connect each other in easist way. 

We at Smarther Technologies help you build successful social media app with essential features including global feed, live chatting, video & audio call and much more. 

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Global Feed to Connect with Community

By connection with friend & family, people can share videos, images, quotes in feed which will be available to everyone. Connect with everyone is easier way and build your community.

Create New Post

Share Images, Video, Quotes

View Others Post in Feed

Like, Share, Comment on Post

View Profile and Imformation

Connect with People

Social Media App Development Company

Online Call & Chat Made so Easy

With our social media app, we includes an advanced features of making online audio and video call in real time. In addition user can connect with their community through indiviual or group chat.

One to One Personal Chat

Create Group Chat

Make Live Audio Call

Make Live Video Call

Connect in both App & Website

Share Media connect which chat

Social Media App Development Company

Access everything through Web browser

We bring everything together by connecting the social media both in mobile application and website. Browser all the features through your computer in website. 

Access from web browser

Responsive Website

Post Content in Feed

Make Audio & Video Call

Real-Time Messaging

Social Media App Development Company

Secure Management Hub with Easy control

Our admin panel supports most secure framework which help to maintain and connect both mobile app and website in real time. Maintain your user and their activity from one management hub.

Manage Users Database

Maintain Security

Manage Advertisement

Report & Analytics

Why Work With Us? Our Process for Mobile App Development

Social Media App Development Key Features

Here are some of the main features which we build with our social media mobile application development for Android and iOS technologies. The functions includes in global feed, chatting, calling and Admin dashboard.

Carpooling App

Global Feed

Carpooling App

Friend Request

Carpooling App

Media Post

Carpooling App


Carpooling App


Carpooling App


Carpooling App


Carpooling App

Video Call

Carpooling App

Update Profile

Carpooling App


Carpooling App


Carpooling App


Technologies We Used 

Our teams of skilled, experienced, expert and knowledgeable programmers use current technologies
which is required for developing ecommerce app and website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much time will take to build my social media app?

The process of developing social media app includes app designing, prototyping, app development, Q & A Testing and deployment. To perform all these operation, we will divide the project main-stone based on the percentage of completion.

For developing on demand carpooling app with basic functionality it will take around 30 days. If needed any other additional functionality then it will take some more time around 45 to 60 days.

How much it will cost to develop social media app?

The cost of developing social media mobile application is depends on overall functionality and technologies to include. The basic app requires three different modules – global feed, chatting, video & audio calling. 

The mobile app to be developed with Android and iOS technologies and the backend to be made with PHP using Laravel framework. The development cost also includes server, domain and other third party integration. To know the on demand home service app development cost, then feel free to Contact Us.

How long do you provide support after sales?

After success deployment, we do offer free support for first three month. If client interested to extent our support after three month, then we will charge based on work to be done.

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We are excited to listen from you and help you bring your idea to reality with our tailored approach
to deliver a social media app experience anywhere in the world.

    Social Media / Facebook Clone App Development

    Social media has become one of the most integral parts of our daily life. Among all the social media networks Facebook is widely used. It offers various functionalities like chatting, status update, video chat, event and page creations, sharing of photos and videos, getting connected with friends and family circles a medium for finding new friends and people. Due to its popularity, the demand for facebook clone is also high.

    Facebook clone is a social media networking script that develops a dynamic social networking platform as such of Facebook. It generates revenues through advertisements that are based on user profiles. Different applications that are developed by third-party providers also helps in generating revenues.  The concept of posting and sharing has made the way for viral marketing on Facebook.

    Features of Social Media App

    • Listings with username, date of birth and email of the users
    • Post updating
    • Updation of personal information
    • Profile updation
    • Post visibilities settings
    • Pages can be created
    • Enables to connect with friends, finding new friends and sharing contents
    • Enables members to send messages, upload photos, and videos, and sharing among them
    • Calendar upcoming functions and events that take place on regular timings
    • Choosing their own banners and making income when the target users clicks on the advertisements
    • Allowing users to post articles, blogs including social media links so that they can land in their corresponding website or blog
    • Groups and networks can be formed and they can share and again knowledge. 

    If you are looking for developing a social media platform link Facebook then Smarther Technologies will be the best solution. We deliver more advanced features and technology that helps in implementing your dream ideas into a social network platform.

    With our team of experienced developers, we design, develop and deploy mobile applications that satisfy clients requirements within the stipulated time. 

    Looking for Social Media app for Your Business ? 

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    Our Value Proposition
    • NDA to Safe Guard Client’s Interest
    • Product Delivery in Secure way
    • Applied with latest technology
    • Resourceful Communication Process
    • Agile Development Methodology
    • Transparent Working Environment
    • Imperceptible Infrastructure

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