School Management App Development Company 

Get a complete solution for your School Management application with custom and advanced features.

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School Management App Development Company

School Management App Development Company

School Management App Development – A Complete Solution for Educational Institutions 

Smarther lets you create a complete school management app to handle and coordinate updates among students and teachers. With the assistance of the mobile app, Management can engage with both teachers and parents to update their day-to-day activities and provide information.

The development of a mobile app for school administration has now become a vital component of many education institutions. There are indeed lots of events that do occur in the school administration. Thus, coordinating and arranging these events and controlling them is inconvenient for the management through the mobile app.

App for Parents

Parents can track their children’s day-to-day tasks with a mobile app to keep up to date. The mobile app is quite handy and easy to receive updates for knowing all the school information and stay updated.

Daily Calendar

View homework & Assignment

View Exam & Result

Events Notification

Connect with Teacher

App for Teachers

School Management App Development Company

App for Teachers

Teachers manage to update day to day activities of their daily classes through app to get notified by parents. Mobile app is a bridge among teachers and parents, which help them to connect knowing children’s daily works.

Manage Student’s Activities

Update Homework and Assignment

Update Exam Results

Update Attendance

Receive Management Notification

Connect with Parents

School Management App Development Company

Management Panel for School

With the help of management, portal institutions can able to control the entire process. The portal helps to manage teachers’ and students’ activities and update notifications. Our system is built with the latest technology and securely stores user data.

Manage Teachers & Students

Update News & Events

Manage Payment Integration

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Why Work With Our School Management app development company? Our Process for Mobile App Development


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much time will take to build my School Management app?

The process of developing a School Management app includes app designing, prototyping, app development, Q & A Testing, and deployment. To perform all these operation, we will divide the project main-stone based on the percentage of completion.

For developing School Management app with basic functionality it will take around 30 days. If needed any other additional functionality then it will take some more time around 45 to 60 days.

How much it will cost to develop School Management app?

The cost of developing an School Management mobile application depends on overall functionality and technologies to include. The basic app requires three different modules – User app, Delivery Executive app, and Admin web panel.

The mobile app to be developed with Android and iOS technologies and the backend to be made with PHP using the Laravel framework. The development cost also includes server, domain, and other third-party integration. To know the on-demand home service app development cost, then feel free to Contact Us.

How long do you provide support after sales?

After success deployment, we do offer free support for first three month. If client interested to extent our support after three month, then we will charge based on work to be done.

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    School Management App development company

    Our School management application allows academic students to become more interactive and to improve the involvement between parents and teachers. The easiest way to connect with schools is with mobile apps. App increase the step towards connectivity in schools. Our school app is the perfect way to keep parents linked to teachers of their children.

    Although the way applications are learned varies completely from the conventional approach of learning, the whole thing has an added benefit. Our application here was intended not only for studying, but also for keeping an informed status of campus activities, timetables, notifications and other relevant school and campus information. While the majority of users favor the standard user name/password login process, SMS/Emails are the chosen one-time password (OTP) for all app users. We’ve used such options in the mobile app to help you chose the one that better suits you.

    Features of Our School Management App

    • Admin Control
    • Sign up / registration
    • View daily activities & Calendar 
    • View Homework & Assignment
    • Events & Circular Announcement
    • Notifications
    • View Exam timetable and Results
    • Report & Analytics

    Why Smarther as your School Management App Development Company?

    • Passionate Android and iOS developers
    • Many mobile apps were deployed successfully
    • More powerful technique for research
    • Fair expense of creating school management app
    • Codes were according to the standards of the app store
    • App stores have assured approval
    • More personalized development based on the requirement

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