Mobile apps can ensure qualified service to the client. Though it provides qualified services, it should ensure high security to the data given by the client. To ensure security the mobile app development team should be careful on a few steps. Some of those ways are discussed here. 

Ways to build a secure mobile app

1.The security team should be a part from day 1:

Mobile Applications will be developed by the development team. This development team always discusses the methods or the flow of the software and its limitations where to start and where to complete. In all those discussions, the security team should take part and they should ensure the loopholes available in the flow of the concept. In each module of the development, the security team should assess the application to ensure security. 

  1. Don’t Depend on the third-party code:

Always code your software as your own. Do not go for any third-party code freely available on the Internet. No matter if it is free or not, most of the third-party codes are not safe. If you have no other choice than to use those codes, you just read the reviews and make an investigation on those codes for security.

3.Test each Module at its end:

 Mobile Application development is not a one-step process. It will be classified into several modules. Every completion of the module should be tested properly. As each module is being tested, then the errors and other security-related issues will be caught easily and can be rectified then and there.

4.Use User Authentication in your App:

 The basic security you can provide for the user is setting User Authentication. Though this Authentication provides high security for the users there is a practical problem present in this method. If the user sets a weak password, there is a risk of hacking. These kinds of problems can be resolved by using 2FA implementation. This 2FA method is nothing but random code access to the user by a registered mobile number or email ID. User Authentication can be achieved by using fingerprint recognition.

5.Use Encryption for the code:

 Mobile App hacking is done at the time of developing the code itself. So be careful right from the beginning. If the source code is more easily vulnerable or has bugs then it is easy for the attackers to hack your App. To solve this problem, the development team can use some encryption techniques to the source code. Thus the source code is unreadable.

6.Ensure SSL Certification :

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Achieving this certificate ensures secure data transmission of the App. This can be achieved by encrypting all the data transfers between the sender and receiver end. Simply, achieving an SSL certificate is like stamping on the letter you are sending through the post. 

  1. API concern:

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This is basically a software that is used when a mobile is using more than one application running at a time. For example, while using whatsapp you are using a gallery as an example for this multiple application running at the same time. If a user uses multiple applications at a time there is a huge chance of hacking the information of the other application. For such problems, use the API verified for the platform you are developing.

  1. Storage of personal Information on the device:     

 Sensitive or personal data stored in the device should be moved to a secured location on the device. If the information is personally identifiable, then encrypt it to store.If such kind of personal information is needed to your App, that information will be on the device or on the server. Both are not secure in case of stored as it is. So in order to make it more secure from the beginning use encryption techniques wherever it is being stored.

  1. Don’t get unneeded Access permission:

Use needed App permission only. If your App needs access of the camera, then grant permission to that. If it does not want to access the gallery, then do not grant permission to open that App. This achieves some security in sharing data. 

  1. Make sure all these features:

Mobile Apps can achieve high-security only after we are conscious of the above point from the beginning of the development of the data. There is no compromise on the security of the App at all. If it does it will not be a reputed one.

These are some of the top ways to build your mobile app in a more secure way, follow these guidelines and develop your own mobile app from the hands of experienced mobile app developers.

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