The coronavirus has engulfed the entire education sector, forging students confused and uncertain about the current situation and prospects. As the covid-19 pandemic spreads across the country, students are one of the most affected sections of the community.

Students who want to write the IIT / JEE and NEET exams will take training classes online and there are some benefits to studying online.

Learning through EdTech apps can cost students nominal or free, learning from training centers can cost students a lot of money. Through EdTech Apps students also get expert advice on special tips and tricks for their doubts and exams.

We all know that the NEET exam is a nationwide exam. Due to epidemiological situations, NEET 2021 applicants instead of offline training centers have started depending on various NEET preparation applications. Technology has made a huge impact on our education sector, we have many learning applications and online learning platforms that bring our favorite topics to our fingertips. 

TOp NEET Exam Preparation App in India

Online NEET preparation apps are better than offline training centers why?

NEET preparation Apps and Online Learning platforms completely changed the way of learning methods of students who are preparing for NEET. More than 15 lakh students prepare for the NEET exam every year. Most of them prefer to attend online or offline training classes before that.

But what is happening in offline training centers is that students are sitting in a group without getting proper guidance from their mentors. But NEET preparation apps & online platforms have changed that.

Advantages of online NEET preparation apps:

  • NEET preparation apps are much less expensive than offline NEET training classes.
  • No need to worry about UG reference items, notes, etc. Because everything is well organized and digitized. 
  • Students can prepare for the NEET exam in their homes.
  • Students do not need to travel long distances to attend NEET preparation training classes

There are many NEET preparation applications, but only a few of them offer quality training that is worth your time and money, and in this article, we have listed the top ten NEET preparation applications in India.


Basidia is a fast-growing application name among NEET applicants. In NEET 2020, 165 out of 180 questions came directly from their test series, which demonstrates their superior quality and uniqueness.

They are the only application with a revision schedule, and students get an option to plan their revisions at their convenience at the end of each exam. Their mock tests series come with Pan India rank predictions and analyzes.

Extensive study materials on all topics and adequate training MCQs (33000+ MCQs). Another unique feature is called keys, where high yield points from each chapter are combined and prioritized score-wise, allowing users to make quick corrections is another appreciative thing from them. These distinctive features set Basidia apart from other educational applications.

They offer good quality video classes (600+ hours) from expert guides with interactive live sessions and finally, all of these features come at a pocket-friendly price. All of these features impressed me. Apart from these interesting features, there is no doubt about customization and custom testing. 


Unacademy is a boon for all NEET applicants. Powerful courses in this NEET preparation application provide students with the perfect learning strategy to break any entrance exams, like NEET, AIIMS, or anything else. The online lessons and specialized courses in this app also benefit those staying in distant corners of the country. 

It contains the best learning materials that NEET applicants can find online. It is also one of the leading learning channels in India on YouTube. Its course study materials and video lectures are available in both Hindi and English. This NEET preparation app ensures that the students have access to everything with a single tap and do not have to run anywhere for the NEET preparation.


Gradeup is one of the most popular NEET preparation apps among NEET applicants. It is a free solution to every doubt and problem encountered by the NEET aspirants. This application provides insights into the easy methods with bilingual online mock exams. These tests are followed by comprehensive solutions and powerful performance analyses. It offers daily notes and quizzes in English and Hindi.

 The grade up has enabled millions of registered students to actively prepare for the exam and get better grades. While downloading the app, students became part of a more engaging community that resolves each other’s doubts and competes with each other through quizzes. This gives NEET applicants an extra edge in their exam preparation. The NEET preparation application keeps students updated during the preparation with all the details and announcements related to the exam. 

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Aakash iTutors:

Akash iTutors is a NEET exam preparation app that brings the high quality training and guidance of the Akash Institute to the screens of student’s laptops and smartphones.Since the Akash training center is synonymous with success in exams like NEET, thereby launching the app. In a competitive world with a digital platform buzzing with learning applications, Akash iTutor has the trust of NEET applicants. NEET preparation App offers the same experience as offline training at Akash Institute. The app offers everything from video lectures to ebooks, and from mock exams to resolving doubts.

students can also use this NEET preparation app offline and can download research materials on your device. Besides, features like “ask an expert” to solve the questions of students are quite good, and the sessions are pretty impressive and interactive. This app is customized for the curious mind who wants to learn, listen and grow.


Embibe will help a student to get his best marks in the NEET exam. It is also an excellent application that includes NEET research material, video lectures, and training questions. This NEET preparation app not only provides comprehensive quality materials for medical entrance exams such as NEET but also helps students track the right areas of progress. And also It helps them to eliminate careless mistakes, correct ideological errors, and practice time management.

embibe contains thousands of NEET materials and frequently tests students with mock exams. It offers unit-wise, chapter-wise, and unlimited practice questions based on the difficulty level. Besides, chapter notes for revisions, video solutions for tips, hints, and questions, test performance analysis, and daily doubt clearing sessions. Embibe also offers a premium program called RankUp. The program guarantees a 60% improvement in test scores in ten days.

NEET Prep:

NEET prep is not just a learning application, it is a guide for students who will write exams like NEET. The app provides chapter-wise comprehensive study strategies for each subject like physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology. Its question bank includes MCQ practice questions, NCERT questions, previous years’ questions, and a specific section of important questions. Each training session is followed with detailed solutions and explanations. NEETPrep is one of the very few select learning applications that offer bilingual video lectures (in English and Hindi).

Other notable features of this online learning application include toppers notes, revision notes, chapter-wise quizzes, and NCERT books in pdf format. Besides, the NEET Prep app constantly evaluates the performance of students with numerous mock tests through online and offline test series. The series also includes exams such as AIIMS, JIPMER, and AFMC. 


Askitians is a NEET exam preparation application where a student can find everything for the competitive exam’s syllabus, important topics, question banks, and learning tips. Every student preparing for the NEET exam can find the study notes, exam announcements, exam news, and mock tests on the same platform i.e. the Askiitians app. Here, students get visualization mathods of solving questions. It helps to retain heavy concepts and words, especially in biology.

This application also provides short online video lectures on all major topics. Solutions to each problem and solutions for queries are provided very simply and directly. Askiitians’ experts offer alternative solutions to a problem. Besides, there are daily training sessions, mock tests, and online test series for every NEET applicant.


Darwin is an online application that contains a good set of MCQs and previous year’s questionnaires. Students can continue to try daily dummy tests from this app.

In addition to the mock exam, students have a series of revisions that help them to learn from their mistakes and practice fully. Each question is given detailed explanations and helps students to reinforce concepts. They have 30+ years of NEET-resolved papers and they are different from other competitors.

Byju’s NEET app:

Byju’s Learning Application provides study materials by the best-rated NEET guides. It provides the latest NEET syllabus and important topics from each subject, exam pattern, and questionnaires from the previous year NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, COMEDK, etc.

It also offers video class modules taken by the best experts in India, it also provides special NEET training classes for 11th and 12th-grade students. With 42 million registered students and 3 million paid subscriptions, BYJU’S has become one of the most preferred educational sites worldwide. They offer free classes for students to have a smooth learning experience.


Although YouTube is not a dedicated learning app, it is one of the most popular NEET preparation apps among students. It provides videos on the latest NEET syllabus, exam patterns, important topics, and chapters. It offers video modules and specialized NEET training classes designed by some of the best teachers across the country.

Here you will find expert advice from both those who have mastered NEET and those who have not. These videos are very useful and high quality for NEET applicants. In this app, students can search for different educators and choose the one that is most suitable for them.

Wrapping up:

In NEET 2020, 13.66 lakh applicants appeared for the medical entrance exam and 7.77 lakh students passed. This means that the competition for study in India’s top medical colleges is very high. Also, those who want to become doctors and those who want to write the NEET exam need to be smart and know how to make the best use of time. The apps we have listed above are the applications that prepare students for the medical entrance exam called NEET and we hope this post was helpful to you. 

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