The rapid spread of COVID- 19 is sending shock waves across the world. The spread of this Coronavirus is 1,600,000 around the world until now, and the count is increasing rapidly day by day. As of now, there is no vaccine for this COVID – 19 and the Medical industry is working hard in it. This coronavirus can spread very easily from man to man through sneezes, coughs. The virus even can be transmitted to persons by touching things that were affected by it. It enters the human body through the nose, mouth, and eyes.

The symptoms of the affected person will be shown up only after some days of getting affected and because of this, the early detection of this virus is a difficult one. And due to this delay in the prediction of the virus, it can be easily transmitted to other people without the knowledge of the affected person. This is one of the reasons behind the rapid community spread of this Coronavirus. Countries that are badly affected by the COVID – 19 are China, Italy, Spain France USA, Germany and much more.

Social distancing can help us from getting affected by this disease apart from this covering our faces with masks and regularly sanitizing can protect us from getting infected from this Coronavirus.

Mobile app covid 19

How Mobile apps are helpful in dealing with this Coronavirus

Getting details about the infected person will be helpful for others to maintain distance from them and here is the area where mobile applications are playing their best roles. Mobile app development companies are developing applications that help us to get knowledge about the person who was affected by the virus, symptoms, how they are to contract the virus, medical professionals’ guidance, treatments and much more.

Artificial Intelligence is capable of making machines to complete tasks that need human intelligence. Here, mobile applications allow users to access already installed information and some of the other mobile apps allow users even to diagnose a disease based upon their selected symptoms. After following proper procedures from doctors there are even many cases that aren’t able to recover from the disease. Because of its fatality rate the fear and the panic of this coronavirus among people are more.

Some of the apps provide a patient experience where they can communicate with their healthcare adviser through, Calls, Text messages, Video calls. All their doubts can be cleared as per their symptoms through the app. By contacting their health professionals virtually through the app, the doctors can treat as per their illness.

The only way to protect this coronavirus is to stay home and avoid going to public gatherings, malls, public places. Some of the main symptoms are Fever, tiredness, difficulty in breathing, dry cough, sore throat, body ache. You can diagnose yourself through the mobile application by sitting at home and can get remedies from the healthcare professionals.

During this pandemic situation it is not advisable to go out, because the symptoms of a coronavirus affected person will not show up immediately, this, in turn, has the possibility of people affected by the virus can roam anywhere without infection. So you have the possibilities to contact them while visiting grocery stores, hospitals and much more. During this time by using telemedicine apps you can get medication for your illness and can avoid going to hospitals.

Artificial Intelligence role in Healthcare mobile apps

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in connecting patients with the respective doctors through mobile application. It connects with respective specialists based upon the user’s illness. And this reduces the time from visiting the doctor’s place. Patients can connect with the health care professionals through voice call, video call, chat.

Applications that are using AI are allowing users to save themselves from the effect of Coronavirus. This helps in reducing the risk of getting infected from the COVID -19. These applications initially allow users to answer their set of questions and these answers will be evaluated by Artificial Intelligence using an algorithm. Based upon this the patient will be analyzed and the needed treatment will be done.

The mobile application gives people the right information regarding the coronavirus and protects them to take the right measures against this virus. There are also applications that show information about highly affected areas.

Today everyone has smartphones and it is one of the reasons why people are able to stay home and get updates regarding Coronavirus. Many mobile app development companies develop apps during this pandemic situation that helps in contacting medical professionals easily by sitting at home.

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