After the pandemic, the rent of properties and flats is becoming more high. It is really a hectic process to find a flat or the best house. Real estate mobile applications are helping people to find, sell, and buy properties online. Though the real estate business is a lucrative one mobile apps have made them more prominent. Intermediate agent’s need has been reduced by the emerging real estate mobile apps.

Customized real estate mobile apps help people both find the best properties within their budget and also reduce broker charges.
These are some of the reasons why people are showing interest in using real estate mobile apps.

Real Estate Key Features App Development

So, this is a wonderful opportunity to get more profit with low investments for the real business owners. When it comes to developing real estate mobile applications the main factors to consider are the key features and the cost of the app development.

This blog will detail the cost estimates and the features of developing a real estate mobile app. We will try to cover the maximum points focusing on features and cost.

Types of Real estate Mobile apps

We all know that real estate businesses have invested their money and time in developing the best app. So, it is necessary to make their brand name reach everywhere to address their presence. The demand for the properties made way for the real estate mobile apps. Listed below are some of the types of real estate mobile apps.

  • Property Sell Buy, Rent Mobile apps
  • Real Estate Company Mobile app
  • Indoor Navigation Mobile App
  • IoT (Smarthome) Mobile apps

Some of the top and must-have features of Real estate mobile apps

  • Signup/Login – Signing up and login is the basic feature of every mobile app. This needs to be very simple. Ways to do this are Authorization through Social media, Authorization through email, and Phone verification. Users can prefer any of the three ways to enter into the app. Having all these three ways will make your real estate app more convenient and flexible for the users to sign up.
  • User, Sellers, and Agents (User Profile – In order to perform various activities in the app, the users should be able to create profiles in the app. For different sets of users, there should be different profiles. There should be different profiles for sellers, users, and agents.
  • Listing and Database – Another basic listing is the property listing. With all the necessary details the app should show the available properties. Without any difficulties, users should easily be able to buy or sell their properties. Since there will be more users using the app, the database should be more flexible enough to support it. For a real estate mobile app, a robust database should be recommended.
  • Filters and Categories – In order to simplify the search process for the users, the app should have advanced search options.
  • Property Profiles – Property profile includes information about the properties like photos, description, price details, media, video, and other information. Based on the videos and photos 80% of the people decide whether to buy a property or not. Contact details of the property owners can also be added here.
  • Favorites – The shortlisting option enables users to favorite their preferred properties. This helps in making the decision easier. Using their profiles users can access their favorite properties.
  • Maps – Map integration is one of the main features of a real estate app. Maps help in providing various information to the users. Statistics and data related to the selected property can also be displayed using this option.
  • Push Notifications – One of the best marketing techniques is push notifications. To get your app successful you must have this feature. Using this option you can engage your users with new updates. Every now and then you can send industry news to your customers.
  • Cost Calculators – This feature can be a more additional use for your mobile app. App developers can add a customized cost evaluation feature, that helps in giving users an idea about the property cost.
  • Calendars – This calendar feature is mainly useful for the sellers and the buyers. Using the available dates sellers and buyers can schedule appointments. To both parties, it sends a reminder about the schedule.
  • Call/ Message – Direct call and messaging features help users in getting in-depth information about the property.
  • Analytics – Analytics features help in improving your mobile apps. It gives data about the entire performance of your real estate app. This data helps in making better decisions in the future.

Cost for developing an Real-Estate Mobile app

Wondering how much does it cost to develop a Real estate mobile app? Well, it depends on various factors that affect the real estate app development cost. Listed below are the factors that decide the cost of real estate app development,

  • Development team – The total cost of developing an real estate mobile app depends on the time consumed by the app development team
  • Complexity- The complexity of the technology used by the team.
  • Features – The total number of features used for developing the app
  • Location – Location of the development team.
  • The hourly rate of a Mobile app development company plays a vital role in deciding the cost of the app development.

Top Consideration for Real Estate mobile app development

  • User-friendly and clear design
  • Easy filtering and navigation
  • Thorough data
  • In-app communication and consulting
  • Analytics

These are some key factors to consider while developing your own real estate mobile app.

Why choose smarther as your real estate app development company?

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