If you plan to establish a mobile presence for your business or organization, the first thing that comes to mind is whether users want to download (App) or create a mobile website or perhaps a mobile application for both.  Mobile websites and apps are very alike at first glimpse. Some businesses use both mobile websites and apps. But some businesses want to choose one. The choice lies between mobile apps and websites depending on their price, usage, required features, and the targeted audience they serve.

Now Businesses have realized the use of mobile channels effectively to attract customers. But, that is not enough. They need to upgrade their mobile apps and websites so that they can use this channel to improve the user experience and not exceed their conversion rates.

 studies shows that users elect mobile apps over mobile websites. This creates a compelling reason to build mobile apps to reach potential and existing customers. 

Mobile vs Website which best for your business

Difference between mobile apps and mobile websites:

Before you evaluate the benefits of a mobile website and an application, it is important to understand the key differences between the two. Both apps and mobile websites are accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones

The mobile website is like any other website, it has browser-based HTML pages that are connected to the Internet and accessible on the Internet. The manifest characteristic that differentiate a mobile website from a normal website is that it is designed for a small display and touchscreen interface. Like tablets, smartphones. And web design response is increasing as a new standard for websites that can be scaled to any size device.

the apps that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than provided in the browser. Users have to visit device-based portals such as the Apple App Store and Android Play Store to find and download apps for a given operating system. The application can similarly drag content and data from the Internet to the Website or download content to access it without an Internet connection.

An app or mobile website which is better :

If you have doubts as to whether you can create an app or mobile website for your business? The answer depends on your targeted customers. If you are creating an interactive game, an application will be your best choice. If your goal is to deliver mobile-friendly content to a vast audience, a mobile website is maybe the perfect choice. Sometimes you may decide that you need a mobile website and  application, but it is rare to develop an app without an existing mobile website.

Advantages of mobile websites :

Mobile websites are instantly available :

A mobile website is rapidly obtainable to users through the browser on many devices such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. Users on the other hand must first download and install an app from the app market before viewing the content or application – a significant barrier between initial involvement and action is changed.

Mobile websites are compatible across multiple devices :

The mobile website can reach users on various mobile devices, whereas the apps must be developed on separate platforms for each type of device.  a mobile website link can be easily integrated into mobile technologies like QR codes,SMS, and nearby communication. 

Mobile websites can be updated easily :

A mobile website can be a lot more flexible than a mobile app updating content. If you want to upgrade a mobile website, you can publish a one-time edit and the changes will be visible immediately. On the other hand, to update an app, users have to push updates and then download it to update the app on each type of device.

A mobile website can be act as an application: :

 Mobile websites can also be developed as web applications and they can act like mobile applications. A mobile web application can be an actual replacement for a mobile application.

Mobile websites are less expensive :

 Mobile website development is significantly less time-consuming and less expensive than the development of a mobile app, especially when you have to develop apps for different platforms like android and ios.

Advantages of mobile applications :

Mobile apps offer personalization :

With mobile apps, it is easy to treat users with personal experience.

Mobile apps allow users to fix their  preferences based on what service is offered . Apps can monitor customer engagement and it is used to provide custom updates and suggestions to users. Also they can identify the location of users in real-time to provide geographic content.

Making use of mobile device features ;

There are some advantages to using  mobile devices such as contact list, camera, phone calls, GPS, compass, accelerometer,  etc.

Moreover, these features reduce the effort that users have to make. For example, users need to fill out a withdrawal form to complete the process. Payment applications allow users to make their transactions within a minute without having to fill out forms.

Ability to work offline :

This is the most fundamental difference between a mobile website and an application.

Mobile apps rely on internet access to do most tasks but these apps doing some basic features  without internet access.

Let us take again the example of a bank application.

The application can provide features such as tax calculation, installment calculation, and setting credit limits. These features can work even without connecting to the internet .

Freedom in designing :

Despite all the technological advancements in web design, mobile websites have to rely heavily on browsers to perform even the most basic functions. Depending on the browser features like ‘Pin Button’, ‘Update Button’ and ‘Address Menu’ for mobile websites to work.

None of these restrictions apply to mobile applications.

Based on advanced gestures such as ‘Tape,’ ‘Swipe,’ ‘Track,’ ‘Pinch,’ ‘Hold’ and many more, a mobile app can be designed with a lot of extensive functionality. Apps can use these navigations to provide innovative functions that help users perform a task better. For example, an application may allow users to move to the next or previous step using the swipe gesture.

Apps can work faster than websites :

A well-designed mobile app can do things much faster than a mobile website.

 websites that typically use web servers,  but apps store data on mobile devices. For this reason, data recovery in mobile applications is faster. These apps save customers time and provide services of their preference.

There is a technical explanation for how mobile apps can work faster. Mobile websites use JavaScript code to do most of their tasks and the framework that mobile apps use can run nearly five times faster than JavaScript code. When all of this is happening in the background, users can quickly perform actions on the front-end of mobile apps and again contribute to a happier user experience.

Wrapping up :

As mobile usage increases globally, the “App vs Web” question will be a very real consideration for companies looking to establish a mobile presence. Iif your goals are primarily marketing and establish a huge mobile presence. then a responsive mobile website is a logical choice because it can be easily maintained, shared among users, and easily found in search engines .

The mobile app allows you to steadily enhance the user experience by features, app flows, and other UI-based changes to improve user involvement, conversion, and retention rates. So, having a new mobile app is the first step to engaging a new audience segment, and constantly improving it will help drive positive improvements in your core business metrics.

If you are planning mobile and web development for your company, we can help you make informed decisions with the right project plan that fits your goals. Contact info@smarthertech.com for more information.

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