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Telemedicine apps have become an on-demanded one. Because this app aims to optimize the care experience of patients who suffer from diseases like cold, flu, depression, skin and eye disorders, etc. 24 * 7 hours service is possible. Even in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, it was flourishing. It helps to maintain social distance as per the government norms. Not only for the medical field it also provides a profit for the entrepreneur.  

telemedicine app on the concept of doctor on demand

Reason for developing a telemedicine app:

  •  Reduced the cost of healthcare
  • Time management is effective for the doctors
  • Easier access to healthcare
  • Efficient time treatment
  • EHR convenient access

Features to consider during telemedicine app development:

App Features for Patient’s

User sign-in:

The app should have an option for the user to add details like Name, Gender, age, and other crucial information essential from the treatment point of view.

Medical Specialist Searching:

Enable the patient to search for a doctor who suits their situation and to find the nearby specialist to book an appointment. 

Video appointments:

 Lets patients communicate with their doctors through video and audio calls in real-time. Video call is the most essential one. It should be seamless and high quality so that patients can be examined remotely to recognize signs and symptoms of diseases.

Payments Methods:

 Providing multiple payment options is the most convenient method for users. If your app will charge for visits by the doctors, make sure patients know the rates of a doctor in advance.


 Often notify the patients whether they approved or declined their appointments.

Doctor’s Rating and Review:

 After completing the medical treatments, users are enabled to leave ratings and reviews. Through this other users can know if a doctor met expectations.

App features for doctors:

Doctor panel:

 Doctors can add their essential to create profiles. Because the user needs to check the doctor’s background, certifications, hospital affiliations, etc.

Schedule Management:

 Doctors can make modifications to their schedules and to manage their day-to-day availability.

Appointment Management:

 Accepting or rejecting appointments can be done with the doctor based on their convenience.

Electronic medical records (EMRs)

 Electronic medical records are the best feature you have to add. It assists the doctors to access the patient’s medical records and lab results in real-time.


  Allow doctors to prescribe the medicine right in the app. This feature is great for refilling prescriptions.

How does it work:

 Every telemedicine app has its logic of working. 

  • First, Patients need to log in to the app using the required details. 
  • Next, the patients can browse nearby medical specialist profiles based on their health conditions.
  • After choosing the doctors, the patient can view the doctor’s availability and schedule an appointment.
  • Start a visit via video calling. During the video consultation, patients can explain the health conditions, get recommended treatment and lab tests, and so on.
  • When the consultation ends, payment can be done by the patients using a built-in payment gateway and receives the receipts with a prescription.

Challenges in Developing a Telemedicine App:

  • UX/UI design implementation 
  • Back-end Set Up & Development
  • EHR Protections
  • Trust
  • Compliance with health care legislation
  • Transparent rating system

 In addition to this you have to accordance with the set of laws and regulations:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • IMCL (Interstate Medical Licensure Compact)
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Prescribing regulations in particular states
  • Telemedicine regulations in particular states.

Monetization of Telemedicine Apps:

With the help of telemedicine apps, you can make money in different ways. Popular monetization models are mentioned below:

 Pay Per consultation- 

 Membership- Pay the monthly or annual fee for using the app. 

 Software as a service- Providing the software product as a service to medical establishments. American well and Doctor On Demand model is the best example. 

Top Telemedicine mobile apps:


 Platform- iOS and Android

This telemedicine app is designed to treat the most common medical fields and behavioral health concerns. It provides short, simple, convenient access to a doctor for non-emergency issues. The estimated cost of the service is about $40 – $50 per appointment with a medical doctor. 

 Doctor On Demand:   

  Platform- iOS and Android

This app provides licensed physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists, and they can deal with hundreds of issues via video, messaging, and even prescriptions. It aims to change the US health-care system by reducing waiting times for patients. Available on both play store and app store.

 American Well (Amwell):

  Platform-iOS and Android 

American well telemedicine apps offer Saas Platforms for medical institutions. The cost of urgent care is 45 and $95 for online therapy. You can schedule appointments, often with availability the next day. 


  Platform- iOS and Android

The telemedicine app aims to offer medical services all over the world. This app uses machine learning to provide accurate prescriptions in the form of a chatbox, which means you can receive treatment without a doctor present. 24/7 services are available.

How much does the development of a telemedicine app cost?

 It is a difficult question to tackle. The cost of app development is influenced by multiple factors. 

  • Technology stack
  • Number and complexity of the feature
  • Design and its complexity
  • Hourly rate of the development team
  • The number and price of the third-party application that you will be using in your applications (eg Google Maps)


  • Telemedicine apps help the patient to get an appointment with the doctor easily. 
  • If you’re interested in developing any telemedicine application, it is important to choose the best mobile app development company.
  • The cost of developing a telemedicine app is very expensive.  
  • Build your mobile application and develop your medical services to the patients.
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