Before getting into developing a BigBasket clone application, it is important to know about the BigBasket Application and its usage.

What Is a BigBasket Application?

  • BigBasket is an online grocery mobile application.
  • It is a multivendor E-commerce grocery application.
  • It is considered being the on-demand grocery store application in India.
  • One can easily place their order from different stores and can get it to their doorstep within a limited amount of time.
  • A large number of offers, deals, and coupons were being provided for their potential consumers.

Importance Of BigBasket

  • One can choose their favorite grocery shop to purchase their product.
  • It saves a lot of time and energy than direct shopping.
  • In the BigBasket application, 18,000+ products were available.
  • A special shopper will be responsible for your products.
  • One can easily share their needs in a particular comment section for better shopper understanding.

How Grocery App Will Help To Tackle Covid-19

Lockdown made us understand the importance of the mobile application. Pharmacy, healthcare, fitness, foods, voluntary works, appointments, education, grocery, e-commerce all carried out through only online mobile applications.

All over the country are advised to stay at home and order your products through mobile applications or inform them to the Government. We are in a situation where once, we said: “I like to purchase anything through traditional shopping and I’m not satisfied with online shopping” is being tended to shop through the online mobile application. People have to purchase all their needs and products, even Grocery products through apps.

Importance Of Having Mobile Application For Your Business

There might be a question that arises in your mind… Is it important to have a mobile application for any Grocery business? Or whether my business will reach a high level after developing a mobile application? Obviously! Yes.

  • Mobile apps help you to reach people.
  • People can easily download your app from the play store and will use it whenever they need to buy it.
  • People have to use grocery items in their day to day life. So there will be no loss for your business.
  • Not every time people like to purchase in a crowd because they are in their own business schedule so they prefer online shopping.
  • The demand for online shopping will increase and there will be no fall.

How To Build BigBasket Clone App

Now you may clearly understand the need and the importance of the on-demand mobile application. A small question may arise: How to build an app like BigBasket? Or How to build the BigBasket clone app? Or what are the features of developing a BigBasket clone app?

Don’t panic. It is easy to develop when one knows about its feature.

Features Of BigBasket Clone App

  • Login/ Register Through Social Media
  • Credentials Factors
  • Product Catalogue
  • Adaptable Customer Functions
  • Navigational Menu
  • Delivery Time
  • Multiple Payment Gateway


Today everyone is using social media. One can register through entering their personal information and also BigBasket app have a customized feature of one can register or login through their social media accounts like,

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • And other Social Media Accounts

Credentials Factors

BigBasket know very well about their consumer by validating and verify their account

  • Email Verification
  • Phone Number Verification
  • Profile Management
  • Forget Password

Product Catalogue

The app developers will categorize the products based on their quality by incorporating beautiful pictures and some descriptions.

For Example,

  • Milk products come under the Diary category.
  • Chocolate products come under the Candy category.

Adaptable Customer Functions

Customization is an important feature for any application. Apps like BigBasket are user-friendly. Make sure your customer should reach you easily.

  • Location of the customer
  • Search Address
  • Pin Address
  • Proper Navigation System

Navigational Menu

A navigation menu is compulsory since every product has a proper category and subcategory.

  • The Fruit category has all types of fruits.
  • The spice category has all the spice products.
  • The vegetable category has another vegetable subcategory.

Delivery Time

  • Track Location of delivery man
  • Contact Details of delivery man
  • Limited time limit
  • Slots for pickup order
  • Cancellation of an ordered product

Multiple Payment Gateway

The payment can be done through multiple methods, trustworthy payment gateways are added for quick payment mode.

  • Credit card Payment
  • Debit Card Payment
  • Wallet Payment
  • Cash On Delivery

Cost Of Developing BigBasket Clone

Apart from the importance and features of developing an app like BigBasket, another one thing hit our head is the cost of building a mobile application like BigBasket or the development cost of the BigBasket Clone app.

The cost of developing a grocery app is not constant; it varies based on the following criteria.

  • Platform For Development- Android, IOS or Both
  • Complexity Of The Application- Simple, Moderate or Complex
  • Location- For Particular areas or All over the world.
  • Who Are The Developers- Own Developers, Freelancer, or Other Service Providers.
  • Vendor- Single Vendor or Multi-vendor

There is no defined cost for the development of any application. It is based on the features and the hours taken for the development.

Wrapping Up

  • Apps like BigBasket are important for developing a Grocery Business.
  • It saves a lot of time and effort for the people.
  • It became a mandatory thing during some critical situation
  • Features of the app should be user- interactive, quick time delivery, easy to handle and maintain the customer database.
  • Admin panel used to maintain, add, remove, or update the products and manage the customer details and orders.
  • Customers can easily order and cancel any products at any time.
  • Cost of developing an app is based on the functionalities, specifications and the Grocery app development company whom you prefer for the development.
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