Online grocery applications are growing very quickly and are intensively used by many customers. This has created many situations for retailers to sell their products directly to households. Everyday increased sales through e-commerce applications can contribute to the success of the platforms. Several factors determine the increased amount of grocery application development and the demand for grocery products is high.  This situation creates an impact on e-commerce merchants to have applications like Bigbasket which mainly focus on the customer’s expectations and the functionality they expect. 

About BigBasket?

Bigbasket is the largest online delivery app which is mostly preferred by potential consumers. It is said to be a user-friendly platform since it offers mobile applications as well as the website to its customer from every possible way of browsing. Bigbasket notices the people’s difficulties in allocating time for buying groceries and other essential things. So this online grocery supermarket decided to offer feasible delivery of fresh products to the customers. They provide good chances for business owners to earn good revenue.

How Bigbasket Works:

With the help of apps like Bigbasket, one can order an item from the huge collections under every category, choose a time slot for delivery and the items will be delivered at your doorsteps. The payment is made online using debit/ credit card or by the cash on delivery.

1.Collections from Multiple Stores:

  A wide choice of products and brands to select from. Strike a deal with a wide variety of grocery store owners for each locality in your carrier area. 

     2.Order Packed:

With the help of temperature-controlled bags, the fresh delivery items are delivered.

3.Tracking Delivery Status:

  Enable the customer to choose delivery items depending on their convenience, track the orders in real-time, and receive updates that inform them the status of the order.

Things to be Remember before starting an app like Bigbasket:

 Identify Today’s Market:

  •  Analyze today’s market trends.
  •  Plan your business as for that.

 Evaluate the region:

  •  The most critical thing is decking the area of the business. Pick wisely then.
  • As soon as the company begins to grow, extend yourself.
  • For the fast and hassle-free delivery try to stay close to the city. 

 Delivery System:

  • Set a fast delivery system
  • Set same-day delivery.

 Module planning:   

  • Secure and robust delivery module.
  • Tracking features to the customers.

 Pick Websites:

  • Cross-platform grocery app choosing.
  • Both iOS and Android support.
  • A popular website for business.

Features for Online grocery app:

 Your app must be easy to use, quick to load, mobile-friendly, and have some unique features mentioned below.


Sending discount coupons or vouchers is the strategy now practiced among businesses to attract the customers and to make seasonal sales.

 Order History:

 People often take the same food items. Providing the option of saving customers orders to their profile that they can reorder instead of repeatedly adding them into the cart.

 Shopping Cart:

Including the features that would allow users to share their shopping cart with other active users so that they can add additional items and deliver them all in one order.


 Offering a free shipping charge or discount to the customer allowing their friends to buy items from you. You are not only inspiring the customers and  also helping to keep the cost of getting customers down.

Other some strategies:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Push Notification
  • Reward
  • Rating and Review
  • Easy loading
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Order Tracking Option
  • Social Media Promotion

Features of Ordering app:

  • Sign in & Sign Up
  • Social Media Login.
  • Profile Management 
  • Product Browsing & Listings 
  • Search & Filter option
  • Add to Cart and Check Out
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Popular e-Wallet Integration
  • Save For Later. 
  • Discount coupons & vouchers
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Order History
  • Rating & Reviews 
  • Help & Customer Support
  • Push Notifications.

Delivery App Features:


  • Delivery Request: accept & reject.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Map Integration
  • Navigation Turn -by- Turn
  • Real-time alerts to GPS
  • Set Availability
  • Delivery Time Slots
  • Total Weight of Orders
  • Work History
  • Earning and Reports
  • Ratings and Reviews 
  • Help & Customer Care

Features of Admin App :

  • User Management
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Driver Management
  • Reset Passwords
  • Add, Edit & Remove Various Elements of Apps and Websites
  • Payment and Commission Management
  • Campaign Management for Email, SMS, Social media
  • Run Promotions & Discount Coupons.

How Much Does it Cost in 2020:

 When it comes to creating an app like Bigbasket, you need to be well aware of the different factors and features that can decide the costing aspects. The cost of your Bigbasket like Grocery App Development can be evaluated based on your following criteria

UI/UX Design:

 When designing a BigBasket like app, you can’t ignore app design. To engage and encourage customers to purchase more goods, it is important to engage UI/UX design. 

 Mobile App Platforms:

  Development cost varies based on different app platforms.

  • Android- Low cost
  • iOS platform- High Cost   

 Features and Functionalities

The following are the main and advanced features that consume time and influence the overall cost of creating an app like Bigbasket.

Main Features

  • User accounts
  • Shopping carts
  • Order history
  • Ratings and Reviews

Advanced Features:

  • Synchronization
  • Geolocation
  • Push notification
  • in-app calling/messaging
  • Data travel

Development Team:

  • An Experienced team is worth the high cost.
  • Third-Party- Integration has separate costs.
  • Team Location

Wrapping up:

 Housing all of the above features in your online grocery store is a task that will take a lot of time, energy, and money.  The main reason for having an on-demand grocery mobile application is it helps your potential customers to reach your business easily.  Developing your grocery store with a technology solution that provides most of these features by default and allows you to easily add unique features is the best way to tackle this challenge. Get your best grocery mobile application from a reputed Grocery app development company.

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