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Around 75% of the mobile phone users prefer messaging applications for communication when compared with other traditional ways of communication, such as emails. An average person spend around 14 text messages a day from their phone or with the aid of chat apps like Whatsapp. And it clearly shows that instant messaging apps taken over the Texting Industry and it is increasing. Whatsapp occupies one of the most popular texting application across the world next to WeChat and Facebook IM. Texting applications are distinguished by their real-time message delivery, multimedia sharing. This article will outline the way of creating a successful chat app like WhatsApp for Android or iOS.

Features that are ideal for a Chat app

Whatsapp is a messaging application designed for smartphones, it relies on the mobile phone data or internet connection. Each and every successful chat applications has its own salient features. The cost of your chat app development depends on the number of features of your app. The ideal features are,

  • Instant Messaging –  Your apps main success lies here, and this is the basic feature of all messaging applications. It operates through the internet connection, even when the person goes offline, and users are able to see the notification when they come back again. All the texting app will host this feature. The app will also host stickers, emojis, custom fonts and much more. Scheduling features can also draw users attention.
  • Real-time activity – Real-time activity is one of the most preferred media for all chat apps, because message delivery happens immediately without any obstacles, making chat users feel close.
  • Multimedia features –  Nowadays users love to share multimedia files such as images, videos, GIF images, audios and other files. Maximize this services by including cloud features such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote
  • Security –  One of the prime and most important feature is security, it is necessary to keep the files and data of every user in a more secure way. Invest in encryption technologies to protect messages.
  • Push notification – This feature keeps the user active all time, keeps them alert by message alerts, user availability, and discounts. Make users customize their notification features.
  • Quick Search –  Search options allow users to track their old conversations. This is very much useful in professional and personal life where the details can be shared, and this search options will make them to find it in an easy way.
  • Group –  Your instant messaging application should allow users to connect with many other users to form a group conversation and a place where they can share multimedia files too.
  • Voice and Video calling –  Skype popularized the video calling options, and all other instant chat apps take this communication form. This video and voice call options will make your application more interactive.
  • Social Media Integration –  Allow your users to share content and post from all other social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and make the most out of sharing your information.

Technologies involved in Making a Real-time Chat app

The main types of connections used are (XMPP) Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol and HTTP + Push Notification.  These are used in file sharing applications like Instagram, where when a comment is left the user will receive a push notification,  and the app is reopened it connects to the application’s server, but it is recommended to have  default push notification feature built in your app, so that users can receive new message notifications.

The Potential Technologies

  1. YAWS –  Multimedia can be managed with YAWS, a web server developed for applications with high dynamic contents streaming in and out.
  2. Erlang – Popular chat apps like Wechat and WhatsApp are built over this programming language. It is a garbage collector program which enables the messaging apps to be so intuitive and useful for their users. Java and PHP are also good options.
  3. XMPP – Extensible Messaging and Presence protocol servers eliminate the need for multiple client servers for message transfer. It is used in creating Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.
  4. Mnesia DB – Database that is used to store files, messages, documents, images and other multimedia files. It can be able to store any amount of data.

Development and Cost

Building Instant messaging apps include frontend, backend development, native platform, web app, design and quality assurance. The cost for developing an app dependent on team hours. The process of building an application takes around 1400 hours by an experienced team.

The cost and time will depend on the app features such as user registrations, messaging notifications, message exchange, address book information, integration of group chat features, multimedia integration, file sharing, location sharing, video and audio calling.


Whats app may rule the market, but there is still space for your application when you develop an app with an extraordinary feature that doesn’t exist in WhatsApp. And this difference will make your app to stand out. If you lack the skill to develop, maintain and architect, this the process will seem to be more complicated. Have a potential team to built it.

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