How to Promote Your Mobile App

Social media 

The best way to promote your app is through social media’s because the impact of social medias on us is like wonder. Nearly 70% of these generations are using social medias as a communication tool. So it is very obvious that it works as a very good medium between users and our apps.

Not only facebook and twitter there are many other SMO’s ( facebook , twitter , linkedin , instagram , telegram , whatsapp)

Trending your app with hashtag (#appname ) makes it even more popular in twitter handle and other medias. This is THE BEST WAY to promote apps and other related things. Create a Facebook group.  Form a group for people with common interests related to your app’s niche so they can meet and socialize regularly.


Blogs are the another way to communicate with users. writing a technical and non-technical blog becomes quite common between everyone but only the blogs with valid information will be popular so try to write the blog about your app and explain why everyone should use your app and what are the benefits about that app. Avoid complex notations to state the grammar use simple sentence so that everyone can find it usefully ( both article and about your app)

Teaser or infographics

Release a teaser of about 1 minute video about your app. While making the teaser see to that the teaser should looks neat and simple without any oddness. So it is necessary that background music must be sweet and pleasant to hear avoid loud noisy music. After made your teaser upload it in social medias and youtube to make people aware of your app.

Youtube trending

Youtube video is not similar to teaser, teaser is a video about less than 1 minute but youtube is like a video of about 5-10 minutes stating and illustrating the questions like WHAT IS THIS APP ? WHY THIS APP? HOW TO ? or capture the working of your app and upload it on youtube so that it will be easy for the users to understand the concept behind your app.

Run a contest

For example, you can encourage people to tweet and share content on their social networks promoting your app. A person every week can win a promo code to download your app for free if it is a paid one.

Ask for Reviews

Share your app with a group of people and ask for reviews, try to correct those reviews in future and understand what users are generally thinking about some new app in the market. To understand what user is thinkinking you have to think like users not apps owners.  Take all those negative reviews and make it in a positive way and make them to understand why this app is necessary for everyone to use and make them to feel

App Store Optimization – ASO 

An Average 2000+ apps are published each and every day, in which Android has 47%, iOS -41%. It is so easy that your app can get lost in the competition, if your are using  mobile app for your business and you must need to understand the ways of marketing your app. This can be done with ASO – App Store Optimization.

Understand your customer and your competition

Choose the right app name

Maximize your keywords

Create a compelling description

Stand out with a unique icon

Include screenshots and videos

Localize your app listing

Increase traffic with outside promotion

Update frequently

Encourage ratings and feedback

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