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To get end-to-end java development services like web, mobile, and desktop software solutions, Smarther is the best choice. Our developers develop solutions that are result-oriented, feature-rich, creative, reliable, and with better performance.

What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented, class-based, general-purpose language designed for fewer implementation dependencies. It is a computing platform for the development of applications. Java is secure, fast, and reliable.

What is Java Platform?

Java Platform is a set of programs that assist programmers to develop and run Java programming apps effectively. It is a set of specifications and computer software.

Advantages of Java:

  • Java is easy to learn and understand, as it is simple.
  • Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language that helps us to increase the reusability and flexibility of the code.
    It reduces security threats and risks by using explicit pointers.
  • Java is cheap and economical, as these programs are dependent on specific hardware to run. And Java is platform-independent, which means to write once and run anywhere.
  • As Java is a human-readable language, it is a high-level programming language.
    Due to its independent feature, Java is a portable language.
  • It automatically eliminates unused objects using the Garbage collection process.
  • Java supports multithreading.
  • Programs are stable compared to other language programs.
  • Java development services:

    • Java web development:
      Our Java developers provide the latest java software development services, as they are well-knowledged in Java web architecture and its engineering ecosystem. They also work with the best user interface, multithreading, and resource management methods to develop web solutions.
    • Custom Java software development:
      Our excellent team of Java specialists including UI/UX designers, developers, and Q/A testers will make an extraordinary service as per your requirements. They also make the solutions that need high security such as complicated banking systems, ERPs, large-scale enterprise apps, and other software solutions. We build unique and customized apps that are best suitable for your business needs.
    • J2EE development:
      We create Java enterprise solutions using J2EE platform. We are providing reliable, and feature-rich applications for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. Our app reaches your business to the peak in the market.
    • Java Mobile development:
      Our professional team of Java developers builds fast, lightweight, and feature-rich applications using Java programming language for your business. We develop cross-platform apps, and multi-tiered apps, and offer app integration to satisfy your business needs using services such as REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.
    • App support and Maintenance:
      Our expert programmers set up and run your Java flawlessly. We support and maintain services to ensure the performance, agility, and compatibility of your app. We offer application management, application support, and performance management services.
    • Java Migration & Integration:
      We have expertise in migrating your existing business app platform to Java. We help with migration and integration with Java systems, as a full-service Java development company. We are doing all the complex jobs of importing, exporting, and migrating your data to Java, ensuring quality.

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      Benefits of our Java development services:


      • Certified Java developers: Our team of certified Java developers offers services to all requirements for startups, SMEs, and enterprises.
      • Technology skills: We are experts in Servlet, CDI, JMS, EJB, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Google Web Toolkit, Tomcat, ORM, Maven, etc.
      • Secure apps: We deliver reliable, robust, and highly secure apps for clients.

      100% customer satisfaction: We are a customer-centric company. delivering solutions that will satisfy our clients.

      Why choose Smarther for Java development?

      Smarther is the leading web and mobile app development company. We have a talented web and app development team to offer desired and needed solutions. We build customized applications. We ensure that our solutions take your business to the peak.

      • Our expert team:
        Our team with flexibility and experience delivers the project cost-effective. They develop and deliver high-quality apps. Our professional have experience of more than 5 years. They are delivering the app within the given time and targeted budget.
      • Efficiency:
        We mainly focus on efficiency, which means client satisfaction and Return On Investments. We are always a customer-centric company and care about the development of our clients.
      • Technology-Oriented:
        In today’s world, technology is growing day by day. We offer services in mobile application development, e-marketing, website development, and more.
      • Other Reasons:
        We will design the product with high quality and we enhance your business mission on time in the long term. We are experienced in the field for the past 10+ years and developed over 100+ mobile applications to date globally we have more satisfied clients.

      Why it is best to outsource Java software development services?

        • Saves time:
          Time to market is one of the important factors that find product success in the market. If you present your product in the market faster, you get more customers. So, outsourcing to Java software development will assist you to save your golden time, and you can give your project to Java developers and focus on other tasks.
        • Cost-effective:
          The development cost depends on the factors such as the size of the project, the number of features we introduced, and the combination of languages required. Java development outsourcing will help you to reduce costs as well as increase profits.
        • Best quality assurance:
          Companies hand over their project to specialized developers who have more experience in building enterprise-level applications and are aware of the trend of the market. They are trained with Java-related tools or solutions. With an experienced and top-rate outsourcing team, get a high-quality Java programming services..
        • Valuable resources are saved:
          By Outsourcing, companies spent their resources on another functional task. There is no need of spent money on infrastructure, tools, experience, or other processes. You can only supervise the project and manage it when you hire developers for your projects.
          Management workload gets reduced:
          Building the product is not only the responsibility of the Outsourcing company. But also perform tests before delivering the product. It makes confidence in the company and delivery of quality products.
        • A dedicated team:
          When you outsource java development services you choose a company that provides you with a dedicated team of reliability. They will study your requirements and choose the programmers who have the needed skills. That chosen team will have an idea about your expected deliverable product and work with it to give better results.
        • 24/7 support team:
          The best Java development team always cares about its clients. You can choose the most suitable engagement model, communication, and support options when you outsource a project. The outsourcing company provides 24/7 support to its clients, and the team will come through.
        • Flexibility:
          As the Java language offers more flexibility, Outsourcing also provides flexibility to use Java developer, infrastructure, and other consulting services according to your requirements. According to their extending requirements, Companies are free to scale up or down their outsourced functions, with outsourcing.
        • Java developer’s perfect skill set:
          You can choose the Java development team by their skills and knowledge of Java development. The quality of services provided with appropriate use of employee potential by the best outsourcing companies is exemplary.

      Our Java development process:

          • Step 1: Collecting requirements
            We gather all business requirements and analyze them. Then find business goals to discover the feasibility of the project.
          • Step 2: Design
            After gathering the requirements, we make high loyalty wireframes and prototypes for your website design. And send it for client approval.
          • Step 3: Development
            After getting approval from the client, develop the design for your business. Do website development and other website elements.
          • Step 4: Testing
            This is important to test your developed code. Test the appearance, performance. Fix the bug if any bug is found. Create an error-free app.
          • Step 5: Deployment
            Deploy your site on any desired platform and complete it.

      When businesses choose the best Java development company for development, they get quality development at a reasonable price, along with professional support that is available at any time. We are the leading Java development company having 10+ years of experience as developers and experience in various technologies. It is a highly preferred language in software development because of its high platform security, platform independence, and maintenance. If you are searching for a Java developer, hire our best Java developers.

      Customized Services We Offer

      • Android App UI/ UX
      • Native & Hybrid App Development
      • App Programming with latest tools
      • Testing for flawless performance
      • Bug free App Development
      • Guaranteed Approval on Play store
      • Application Re-design
      • 24/7 Maintenance & Support


      Focusing Technical Aspects

      • Android SDK
      • Location based services
      • Third Party Integration
      • In-app purchase
      • Restore/ backup
      • Social-Media Integration
      • Admob Integrations
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