Instagram Clone App Development

Get apps designed for the world’s most widely
used smartphone platform.

Instagram Clone App Development

Get apps designed for the world’s most widely used smartphone platform.

Instagram Clone App Development

Instagram is one of the online photo sharing, video sharing, social media service that allows users to take photos, videos and to share them either publicly or privately. It is one of the most popular mobile apps, having around 300 million users approximately. The popularity of this app has made mobile app developers develop Instagram app clone that resembles the functionality of the Instagram app. Smarther Technologie’s team of experienced developers create more user-friendly and highly functional mobile apps. We develop apps in satisfying the client’s requirements. Instagram clone app facilities by taking and publishing photos and videos and making users to share them on various social media.

The clone also provides more additional features like editing and customizing photos, helping users in converting the images into a lively mode. We deliver more quality services to our clients.

The Main app features are,

  • Social Media Login –  singing up into the app by using Google Plus or Facebook without making users to sign up with mobile numbers or Email ids.
  • Profile – User can able to edit the profile details like username, profile photos, bio, website links and private information like mobile numbers, emails.
  • Settings page –  page consist of all your friend’s details from facebook / Google+  those who are using the application and their respective contact details
  • Story settings – users can limit their profile views. Message settings and other security settings can be made here
  • Geolocation Integration  – Users can also share their place where their videos and photos were taken, it allows tracking.
  • Customized photos by using extra features and digital filters
  • Video effects on posts
  • Viewing past history
  • Options to follow

Cost of building Instagram clone app

It depends upon several factors. The basic cost for Android and ios platform of an Instagram clone is based on the architecture, design, and technologies used.

For Android or ios or both – The cost depends upon the platform that you are selecting.  The more the devices and OS your mobile app support, it needs more testing and adaptive features such as resolutions and screen sizes. The cost depends on the complexity of the features that have been used.

Instagram is one of the complex app that needs more experienced developers and designers. The reason behind its success is simplicity in usage and highly intuitive. Hire smarther technologies, the expert in developing mobile apps. Developing your app is not just launching, it is about making over a long period with good results. 

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