Educational App Development Company



Educational App Development

Get apps designed for the world’s most widely
used smartphone platform.

Educational App Development

Get apps designed for the world’s most widely used smartphone platform.

Educational App Development Company

Online Educational App Development Company

Education is the most important thing for everyone and educational institutions, training centers, tutorials are growing higher in its rate.  In this peak range, you have to stay unique, for this, a mobile application is a needed one. Develop a single institution mobile app that we will help you to manage your administration so easily. When you like to offer various courses from experts we will provide the best solution with the development of the mobile applications.  

Benefits of Mobile Apps For Education

  • Much research on the same topic helps a student to gain more knowledge and bring interest in learning new things.
  • Every detail can be gotten through a single handy device from the institutions.  Announcements, Reports, Attendance, Assessments, and even the monthly analysis can be viewed in a device. 
  • Every single data is stored securely in the database. So that without the help of database admin none can access it.
  • For multiple platform video streams, cloud-based techniques are being used.

7 Reasons To Choose Smarther as your educational mobile app development company

  1. Well-experienced and Intelligent Android and IOS App developers who do what others say we can’t.
  2. Dedicated requirement analyst who gathers information from the client and communicates with the developers and clearly clarifies the doubts before development. 
  3. 24*7 Technical consultant and developer’s support will be provided.
  4. The report will be given to the client about the work progress and user manual of the educational mobile applications.
  5. Correct time delivery of educational mobile applications.
  6. Both student and faculty friendly mobile applications will be developed by the developers.
  7. Design is the important thing that attracts the students or the faculty, we design a user-friendly designed application. Our designer develops a user-interactive educational mobile application for the institutions.

Our Education App Development Solutions

Our expert Android and IOS are capable of developing an education mobile application within a short period of time.  We are developing mobile apps from play school students to the researchers.

E-book Learning Apps

E-book learning apps help one to learn books without any limitation and we develop that with user- interactive design.

Online Training Apps

In an online training app, one can get guidance from the subject experts through online classes.  They can learn, practice, and analyze performance.

E-library Application

E-library is a platform where one reader can get any type of book and read that in their leisure time.  It can be designed with user-navigation and multi-platform accessibility. 

Educational Gaming App

In educational gaming apps, from kids to college students one can learn courses in an interactive gaming format. This goes viral in a student’s life than other platforms.

Placement Practicing App

We will also develop apps for placement preparation. In this, the placement requirements are posted to the students.  They can easily get resources from different valuable institutions.  

Competitive Exam App

In this the student is able to understand the real-time exam pattern, the blueprints, the announcements, also one can download their hall tickets, practice various question papers, and view exam results. This type of app can be developed by us.

Mobile App For Institute Management

For an institution aspect, we used to develop a management app that involves student attendance, faculty attendance, subject materials, announcements, results, reports, and other student and staff relationships that will be maintained by a single mobile application.

Educational Apps For Institutions

You can experience a Professional Difference with us when compared to other companies and we used to embed the latest technologies to build the scope and user- experience for educational mobile apps.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbot

IOS & Android Support

  • Simple User Design
  • Webcode & Native Platform
  • Play Store or App Store Submissions

Content Management

  • Staff Login
  • Student Login
  • Secured Data
  • Multimedia Support

Enrollment Tools

  • Form Submission
  • Analyze the forms
  • Generate Report 
  • Auto closing of forms after deadlines

Educational Apps Features

Here we listed some of the educational app features that are being embedded by Smarther team while developing an educational mobile application.

  • Options for student and staff registration/login
  • Options to manage student and teachers
  • Options to manage attendance for students and teachers.
  • Options to conduct classes
  • Options to give or take assessments.
  • Options for live stream classes.
  • Options to generate Report
  • Options to Manage events, holidays, and exams.
  • Options to schedule timetable.
  • Options to create fees strategies.
  • Options to create a student growth chart.
  • Other requirements will be taken into account by the client.

Users Benefits 

  • Parents can view the details about the classroom activities.
  • Parents can easily check out their child homework
  • The student analysis report can be easily checked by the parents.
  • Ebooks can be easily downloaded in pdf format. 
  • Parents can view the fee details like paid details, due payment amount, and total fee amount.

Smarther Technologies is developing mobile apps for educational purposes for the institution to make their work simple and also used to build a course learning app to enhance the talented youth community.  We are one of the most leading and honored Educational mobile app development company.  Our only motto is to deliver the quality products to our client and the satisfaction of them is the most important return from them.

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