Top 10 productivity improvement apps

You can’t simply depend on memory or manual labor to keep things in order when you are juggling multiple deadlines. Without any technological assistance, it would be harder on your schedule and mental sanity to manage everything. Many productivity apps help you with your everyday work-related issues. With this article, you may be able to find and select the best app for your business.

What is a productivity app?

A productivity app is software that is designed to make your life more efficient. It plays an important role in helping you to reach your deadlines and goals faster and with great efficiency. There are different kinds of productivity apps depending on the kind of work(professional or personal) you do. You will able to maintain a perfect work-life balance by finding the correct productivity app for the right job.

Best apps for productivity:


ProofHub is a platform used for multiple purposes. It is an all-in-one platform for remote teams, freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises to plan, collaborate, track, organize, proof, and deliver work smarter, faster, and more effectively. The main highlights of this platform are Chat, Discussion, Kanban board, Gantt chart, custom people, notes, files, timesheets, and more.


  • It has all the needed features for growing a business or team.
  • It brings down project delivery time and boosts quality outcomes.
  • It has little to no learning curve.
  • It provides a free trial with all basic and advanced features.
  • It has a simple pricing structure. No per-user fees.


Slack is a cloud-based software. Information and people come together to provide effective outcomes with Slack. Time messaging, file sharing, and powerful search are the important highlights of this platform.


  • It brings project communication and all your team in one place.
  • It integrates with all apps you use already.
  • It keeps the project within the budget and on time. is an app used by professionals to get more work done in less time and stay organized. You can keep your tasks, lists, and reminders are organized in one place and sync seamlessly across all of your devices, with Any. do.


  • It lets you prioritize and organize tasks with colors.
  • It saves more time and hassles.
  • It lets you customize recurring tasks and themes.


Evernote is one of the best apps made for task management, organizing, and note-taking. You can easily capture and prioritize projects, ideas, minutes of the meeting, and to-do lists in one place, with Evernote. 


  • You can share whole notebooks and notes with coworkers.
  • You can take and attach pictures with notes from within the app.
  • It automatically syncs between all devices.


RescueTime is a fully automated time-tracking software app created to assist people to feel in control of how they spend their time across different tasks and activities.


  • It allows you to track and monitor computer activities(online and offline)
  • It lets you monitor the time spent on distractions. Eg: phone calls and meetings.
  • It allows you to compare unproductive versus productive days.
  • It allows you by blocking unauthorized, distracting websites, to maintain focus at work.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization system offered by Google. Its idea is to ease the process of storing, editing, sharing, and collaborating on documents while working together on a common project or towards a common goal.


  • It is free to use completely.
  • It allows you to securely back up files.
  • It allows you to store and share files directly with coworkers and contacts.
  • It allows you to access and edit files on the go.

OnePager Pro:

OnePager Pro is a timeline and Gantt chart app. It is mainly designed to empower project managers, and their teams to convert project files and spreadsheets into beautiful summary graphics in seconds.


  • It standardizes project presentations
  • It helps to improve the project reporting accuracy.
  • It helps to ensure informative and consistent project reports.
  • When building project presentations, helps to save time.


Hootsuite is a very powerful social media management platform that allows you to manage multiple networks and profiles in one place. Marketers and marketing teams can manage their social media activity across all platforms and track overall engagement with a few clicks, using Hootsuite.


  • It makes finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting social media content easier.
  • It allows you to schedule posts across multiple social accounts at the same time automatically.
  • It allows you to track and share meaningful insights about customers and campaigns via reports.


QuickBooks is an accounting app that serves accountants and small businesses specifically. This app is designed to simplify processes like tracking expenses, bank reconciliation, drafting invoices, and monitoring financial reports, among others.


  • It helps to manage sales and make income easier.
  • It helps to keep track of bills and expenses.
  • It provides main reporting insights to your businesses.
  • It simplifies taxes.

Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM is software and it’s an on-demand, SaaS-based customer relationship management solution designed to assist teams to allure, retain, and delight more customers.


  • It automates daily sales tasks.
  • It converts web visitors into hot leads.
  • It tracks customer experience in the sales cycle.
  • You identify and target inactive leads.
  • It is integrated with the Zoho suite and Google apps.


Hope you all understand the top 10 Productivity apps. Productivity apps help you focus on tasks and help you in many ways. Before downloading the apps, send them to your teams and discuss with them, and choose the correct one. Every productivity app helps you to boost your team productivity the right way with its powerful features. If you are looking for developing productivity apps, reach smarther a leading mobile app development company.

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