Top 10 apartment management apps

You are facing the problem of managing, accounting, and communicating if you are living in an apartment. It is the right place to solve your all problems. We, Smarther provide easy and comfortable solutions, if you are living in any type of apartment. Here we are offering the reviews, features, and other main details of all different top online apartment management software. This software is a single platform that has all the dimensions of apartment society living. The main feature of this software is easy to use, saves your time, and makes your life easy.

Let us see the top 10 apartment society management apps.


ApnaComplex is a software management software that takes over security needs and provides an extraordinary living experience. It contains more variety of features and has an integrated payment gateway so that you can pay your service bills periodically. The payment gateway has a collection of dues and collects rent from tenants, with minimum effort, we can use this software and it maintains records of entry and exits on time efficiently.


MyGate is a society management software in India. It helps to increase the security and safety of residential societies and housing estates. Visitors, daily staff, and the delivery person can enter the society only after the verification and approval by residents. This app helps with the verification of every visitor, be it the help staff or parcel delivery individual.


onesociety is an app that manages your housing society and maintains the living environment with comfort. As it has a set of features for the society officials and members separately, it is the best society software. Some features of onesociety to society officials are easy accounting packages, billing, and complaint management. you can make manual voices at the end of every month with onesociety app. With this app, you can automate the process of making voices and sending them to the respective members without any manual interference. It has society built-in housing accounting module and it is built as per the regulation of the housing society-by laws.

ADDA gatekeeper:

Adda Gatekeeper is an app by APARTMENTADDA. It helps to deal with security issues and it is a security solution for the housing society’s visitor management, and staff management. There is no need to record information manually at the security gates of an apartment. It helps the users to track staff members, visitors, etc. You can record the details of the visitor like name, the apartment he is visiting, vehicle number, mobile number, the photograph of the visitor, etc.


Adda ERP has been designed for real estate managers and it is a multipurpose software. It helps to monitor society and reduce the risk of security at any time. Property managers can manage their condos, complex, and association easily and effectively with the help of ADDA ERP. This is a single platform where members can communicate with other community members without any hassle.


SocietyRun is for uptown and commercial complexes, and housing societies. It is a web-based housing Society Management Solution. It offers smart housing society solutions and services to cooperative housing societies, it is better in high-tech billing and accounting services to housing societies. Some features are payment gateway, accounting report, email/SMS broadcast, housing management, society share, etc.


Societynmore is a security management software and it ensures the security of gated communities. A perfect list of members of society is created for enhanced surveillance. Non-community members like friends and families are listed and it is categorized as pre-approved expected visitors.

HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance:

HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance manages the complex’s important data from one place. The important data includes information on owners, residents, staff vehicles, vendors, assets, documents, dues, expenses, etc. All operations are transparent and hence satisfy all residents and society. With processes supported by the tool, the whole complex can be professionally managed.

Society Maxx:

Society Maxx is designed to help startups, SMBs, SMEs, agencies and it is a complete Apartment Management Software. It has a clean and simple interface that offers end-to-end solutions for windows operating systems. This is helping with community collaboration, society management, security, easy billing and accounts. It also helps in sending payment reminders, vendor management, help desk management, and tracking income and expenses.


Neighbium is the correct solution to make an apartment enjoyable and give a convenient experience for residents, management committee members, and security guards. It is easy to use and robust. Some features are enhanced child security, biometric & face recognition-based staff entry/exit, monitor guard patrolling, alert to the security guard, resident e-intercom, etc. It is developed using cutting-edge technologies which will change the way housing society operates.


    Technology is developing advanced like never before and the world is moving towards modernity. The impact of technology is uncountable and an example is the apartment society housing management app which makes lives easy and reduce the necessity of human interference. It also saves time and money. If you are looking to develop an apartment society management app, contact Smarther for the best outcomes. We are the leading app development company.


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