Cost of IPL Score App or IPL Betting App For This IPL Season

Cricket is a passion of everyone. On the pitch, the season of showering sixers, wickets, boundaries, and high scores is returning even grander and bigger. There is a huge craze that integrates viewers on the bias of teams, cities of India, and betting. It comes with the excitement and expectations of many teams competing with each and who will win that trophy.

That’s why the IPL betting app is considered the top choice for sports enthusiasts, as it keeps running adrenaline and keeps the user updated about IPL events such as the Score app. In this blog, we will discuss the factors and features that add to IPL betting app development costs.

People’s craze on IPL:

At every home, you can see a person who likes to bowl or bat. And this interest of people has given birth to one of the huge match tournaments of the time IPL(Indian Premium League). The IPL is not only watched in India, but also Canada, the UK, the USA, and many Asian countries. all international players playing against each other is the reason behind this. According to Statista reports, there is around 450 billion US dollar market that comes from gambling.

Benefits of IPL Betting App:

We learned about how people are attracted to the IPL. Now, you may have worries about the policies of gambling, different countries have different policies related to gambling. As it is now a full hobby app, there are many relaxations in sports gambling. Gambling is one of the oldest hobbies coming from old times the only difference is technology comes.

People will be able to register themselves to know their score through the integrated IPL score App feature to place bets and win, if you develop an IPL betting app, people can register to know their score through the integrated IPL score app feature place bets, and win.

And the development is a win-win situation for you, even if some of them lose. Because people don’t like IPL, they are passionate about it.

Features of the IPL betting app:

The live Cricket score IPL app is not only the making but also the wholesome process is done through a prescribed timeline.

Sign up/log in: sign up is the first and most feature that is used for users to sign up for the app. The user should register themselves or log in to the app by email verification, through social media profile integration, or OTP filling.

Choose sport or player: It is the must-have feature that option must be provided to the user. Choose the player and form their team. You can also have other games like basketball, football, car races, etc. 

Live Game update: The highlight of this IPL betting app will be that it will also work as an IPL score app. It means it shows the score updation about the live match that is happening. User-friendly features will allow the IPL score app download process easily.

Betting guide: Anyone can use this IPL betting app. There is no need to be an expert or professional gambler. Little guidance is needed and your app should have that feature. Try to integrate the quick guide or instructions for users on how and what way they can place a bet, keep a check on the score, and then claim rewards while doing IPL betting app development. Make your user-friendly app with the guide and increase more users.

Player Information: The user has the full right to know about what they are betting on, if they are doing IPL app score development or IPL betting app development. The app must offer full information about the innings played, highest scores, achievements, total scores, highlights, etc. so that the users can know about the stakes of selecting a player they want to place a bet upon.

Match calendar: The app should have this feature for users who know about the schedules of the matches because IPL is a series of matches between various teams. You may also offer the option of placing a bet on a future match if you are thinking of IPL betting app development.

Betting model selection: Based on the number of players, duration, risk, etc, the IPL betting app could have multiple betting options. Some of the important betting models are as follows:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Treble
  • Yankee
  • In-app chat
  • Head to head
  • Each way
  • Handicaps
  • Tricast
  • Patent

Try to integrate the above models as much as possible. This gives more chances for users to bet.

Final ranking Report: For a better and smoother user experience, the admin panel of the app is very important. It should send a notification to the user and update them with the information about whether they have won or lost their bet. The app must create new betting pool options and let users learn their rankings. The admin will send the final result about your betting, whether you win or lose your betting when he creates a new pool of betting.

Instant payment: Winning or losing some rewards is the essence of betting. The rewards are in the form of money or money-based items. Your app should have a smart payment gateway or add payment options like GPay to run the app smoothly.

Multiple Language Support: IPL is not a national sport, but it is observed, enjoyed and followed by many nations across the world. People from all over the world will be allured to the IPL score app and want to place a bet. So, your app should support multiple languages.

Match summary: An excellent IPL app should tell the user about the highlights of the match, update the live scores, and tells the users about the current scenario of the match. The user must be able to get a summary report of the match in the form of bullet points or video that tells how was the match after the game is over.

Offline support: It is a very important feature to make your app is favorite for users. Your app should have this option where users can ask queries by calling support or the helpdesk. If you want to add this feature, you can also add the chatbot.

Costing factors:

Many costing factors affect the cost of the development of the IPL betting app.

Platform: The platform on which your app can be built. There are more different platforms. The various betting software functions differently. Some work on Node JS, some on flutter, and some on the Native platform. Different platforms have different functionalities. After booking an app consultation, the person can explain which platform is the best for your app and how it supports the functions. The most familiar is React Native.

Designing and wireframes: The design is the skin of an app. It should be attractive and easy to understand for users. There is no struggle with how to use the apps. Use the expressive tabs and bars by design. Wireframes are basic bars and tabs on which the design is placed. So, if you choose the best wireframes, then it will cost high.

The panels: There are 2 panels in sports betting app development mostly. These are the admin and the user. There is a third panel also present – the bookie panel. If you are planning to add one panel, the full design and programming are needed, so it affects the cost.

Database: It means the stock of information your app has to offer to the users. If you want to launch your app globally, then you need to have information on every player, match, and game, and also have multiple language support dictionaries and payment gateways. More bulking needs more storage space. So, it costs high. 

Finally, if you are planning to develop an IPL betting app, you keep a rough budget of 10,000 to 35,000 US dollars. It is best to consult a mobile app development company.


The IPL season is back and the craziness is coming into play. The IPL will be coming every season, so there is a business that will be coming every year, here are many IPL betting apps. Moreover, IPL attracts users, by giving an update or letting them place a bet. Choose the best IPL betting app company like Smarther for better performance and uniqueness.

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