Do you need clarification about which house to buy or take on rent? There is a simplified solution to ensure excellent properties at fair prices. Moreover, you can check the market rates and sell your house at the best rates. The top real estate apps in India in 2024 can be your true friend regarding house properties. It holds for any place in India, irrespective of the cities.

Indeed, getting your dream home is like a piece of cake now with the help of these apps. Furthermore, they provide the convenience of visiting multiple premises simultaneously. This is possible through digital mode.

You can get extensive information about every property on these apps. The rates are also visible on the portal to help you decide quickly. You may also contact the property owners or interested buyers directly for a fair deal.

Want to learn about more exciting features of the real estate applications? Follow this blog for a satisfactory result.

Top Real Estate Apps In India

Top Real Esate Apps India

The brokers may not fulfill all your wishes regarding buying or selling a property. However, they may charge a handsome amount for their services. It often becomes hectic to contact them to ensure reasonable rates constantly. Therefore, go for a smart way and get your property advisor just under your fingertips.

The mobile apps will undoubtedly present all the best options as per your needs. Enjoy a brilliant selling or buying experience with these digital platforms.

Here is the list of the 5 top real estate apps in India in 2024:


  • One of the most popular real estate apps for Indians is Magicbricks. Get ready for a streamlined approach with multiple varieties right in your hand. You can make the finest bargains, be it a sale or a buy. The incredible performance of the app makes it stand out easily from its competitors. It gives you an instant solution for any real estate deal. Whether you want a client from your locality or other regions, suitable options will be there.

Salient Features

  • Budget-friendly options
  • Instant connection with owners and advertisers
  • Seamless integration
  • Filters for reducing the search limit


  • This winning app will meet all your real estate needs in seconds. Be it prompt customer support services or state-of-the-art options, you will be loaded with top-class facilities. Moreover, the tailor-made features of the properties will let you get precisely what you want. Along with the AI services presenting the 3D views of the rooms, you can also enjoy the human elements.

Salient Features

  • Excellent tailor-made searches
  • Exact estimation of the property value
  • Quick calculation of tax savings, property tax, insurance, etc.
  • Top-class facilities and the best views indoors

No Broker

  • No Broker is also a reliable real estate app without any lump sum brokerage. It gives direct access to the end users to connect with the authentic property owners. Furthermore, it also assists in the quick preparation of rent agreements and other relevant documents. You can thus sell, buy, rent, or take a property on rent, any kind of house property. The app is available for properties in part of India, ensuring a detailed overview of the place.

Salient Features

  • Easy ascertainment of local amenities and surrounding neighborhood
  • Search filters for effortless search
  • Instant display of information by uploading photographs
  • Quick search for flats, roommates, shared flats, or other accommodations
  • Simple steps to connect with the buyers or property owners


  • Trulia is famous for the availability of detailed maps, incredible alternatives, advanced technologies, and real-time alerts. Undoubtedly, you can consider it as one of the top real estate apps in India in 2024. The latest features let you get instant real estate solutions through three segments. These are tabs of buy, rent, and mortgage. It is a fabulous app for property dealers, giving them immense opportunities for business growth.

Salient Features

  • Pre-qualified calculators
  • Home listing information and related details
  • Above 30 filters for hassle-free keyword search
  • Information for local amenities like local shops, nearby schools, hospitals, etc.
  • A quick tour of aerial images, anecdotes, etc.
  • Access to different listing agents
  • Over 34 neighborhood maps


  • This fabulous real estate app will facilitate a quick and simple search. Moreover, the updation of various listed properties is completely free on this platform. It is more convenient for people to rent houses. They have special provisions and amenities for the tenants. The app simplifies the search for the landlords as well as the people taking apartments on rent.

Salient Features

  • Customized options as per the individual specifications
  • Immediate notifications for changes in real estate prices and new listings
  • Appropriate Multiple Listing Service
  • Winner of multiple awards
  • Alternatives for noise level measurements


Hope this guide on the top real estate apps in India 2024 gave you insights on various platforms for real estate. Furthermore, you can learn about different features and the best prices. The market trends, preferences of the buyers, suitable rentals, etc., are all available on the portal. Hence, you can find all solutions instantly.

Ensure you get the desired prices for buying or selling properties. Connect with legitimate owners and advertisers for suitable dealings.

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