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Most astrologers in the world modernize their services by integrating digital solutions and mobile apps. An app will help you over your competitors, regardless if you are a numerologist, astrologer, or an expert in horoscopes. Smarther offers you an excellent astrology app solution. Our app is a perfect astrology consulting marketplace made with original technology.

Smarther is the leading mobile app development company that offers you an extraordinary astrology mobile app where you can easily engage existing clients as well as build customer loyalty. It means you can increase your customer base. The online presence of your astrology services makes effective awareness among expected clients.

At Smarther, we fulfill all your needs for your astrology app development. We deliver the app with an immersive design, easy-to-use functionality, and smooth navigation.

  • Tarot card reading app development: It is the future prediction of what will happen in life. You can interact with your customers on the app, by providing a tarot card reading.
  • Daily Horoscope app development: You can get the daily horoscopes by interacting with the app.
  • Zodiac Horoscope app development: By entering some required information, you can find out your Zodiac sign.
  • Astrology Prediction App development: You can share software analytics and forecasts from your clients.

 Best Astrology App Development

User app

  1. Advanced search: Customers can search from the list of astrologers according to their needs using this feature.
  2. Horoscope Report: It is a report that offers a detailed overview of the key details like the critical time you must be careful, friendly aspect, and more.
  3. Daily Forecast: For those who want to start their day with the daily forecast may utilize this.
  4. Love horoscope: Users can talk about their relationships and love affairs to experts.
  5. Money horoscope: Users can be attracted by business and financial predictions.
  6. Daily horoscope tips: Offers a general prediction for each Zodiac sign, adding the color of the clothes they are wearing and more.

Astrologer app

  1. Availability management: It ensures maximum productivity and prosperity.
  2. In-app notifications: It notifies astrologers about upcoming appointments via in-app notifications and improves business engagement.
  3. Payment collection: Astrologers get the charge from the users instantly through an online payment.
  4. Revenue tracking: Astrologers can see all their earnings with a few clicks.

Admin Panel:

  1. Control panel: Obtain the overview of the whole app from an easy-to-use dashboard and track your online astrology consultation progress.
  2. List management of astrologers: Using these features, you can add, remove or manage as many astrologers as you want in this online astrology app.
  3. User management: Find out the information about all users, their entered profiles, and more. You can add or manage all your accounts from the control panel hassle-free.
  4. Notification management: You can send notifications about upcoming appointments or events to the users and astrologers to keep them in touch with your app.
  5. Review and ratings: Improving your services by reviews given by users.
  6. Astrology market: Growing the astrology market by bridging the gap between clients looking for astrologers and clients looking for astrologer consulting.
  7. Reports and analytics: Keep charting your progress with smart reports and analytics that show insights into your business progress.
  8. Sell Goods: In the astrology ecosystem, there are a large number of services and products available. Using it, offer in-person readings, gemstone sellers, feng shui, and third-party Vastu shastras.

Advance features

  1. Astrology: Mobile apps and software solutions are enough to renew astrology, numerology, or other services that are considered archaic. They can enhance efficiency and brand image.
  2. Profitable expansion: Our online astrology consultation app can help you if you are looking for scalability.

Benefits of astrology app development

  1. Digitalization: It helps you to be a part of the digital revolution and increase your business fastly.
  2. Deep commitment: As a direct and flawless interaction, there is a connection between clients and the company. It must be noted that ease of access and round-the-clock services can grow your business.
  3. Attractive design: Like functionality, getting good design is important for an app. The attractive UI/UX design assists you to increase your customer base.
  4. An advanced level of Astrology: The image of the brand and the effectiveness of services is enhanced by mobile apps.
  5. Monetize app feature: You can develop a premium as well as a free version with differentiated features.
  6. Cost-effective expansion: Mobile apps are excellent tools to grow your services, expand your customers, and reach new customers.

 Why choose Smarther?

Smarther is the best and award-winning app development company that develops and delivers products in more than 20 countries. Our team of experts delivers the products using cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our more than 10+ years of experienced and skilled professionals serve our clients by offering the needed results within the budget and within the stipulated time.

We transform your ideas into a successful Astrology app development and our work will fulfill the client’s requirements without compromising on quality. We mainly focused on the efficiency that will directly relate to the client’s satisfaction and ROI. As we are a 100% customer-centric company, we take care of our clients. Being a technology-oriented company, we use modern technology and tools.

Highlights of Smarther

  1. 200+ apps developed
  2. 25+ efficient programmers
  3. 100+ fortune clients
  4. 10+ year experience
  5. Award-winning company

Technologies we used

  1. Java
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3
  4. Laravel
  5. Node.js
  6. MySQL

Astrology is today enjoying an enormous cultural acceptance that wasn’t seen before. This is due to the advent of smartphones with the internet. Today astrology has reached more audiences through social media.

After consulting the astrologer, the major decisions like the time of meeting your soulmate, marriage, and other occasions are made usually by the people. If you are looking for making an astrology app, contact us for your success. We build an app at an affordable price with high performance.





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