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When you have an idea ready to be converted into a mobile app, the main question that strikes your mind is the platform to build it on. Questions such as, which platform suits my idea or which platform will lead to more reach and bring continuous business for me revolve around your mind.

What to do in such insane? Since here are so many devices in market with various platforms, it is really tough to judge which is used by your target audience. You just need to pick the best swords for your battle.

The best thought would be to build up an application for the big two i.e. Android and iOS. Presently the inquiry which can thwart your choice could be, the reason both stages? on the other hand why no one stage? Give me a chance to serve you with reasons why to work for both: According to the survey. Android and iOS combined have 87% of active web users in the world.

Why to port iOS app to Android?

The expanding business sector of Android has intrigued advertisers to put resources into Android as it won’t be a decent measure to leave bigger lump of Android users. In the event that you are not searching for a freemium plan, then you can settle on in-application buy choice too. The Android business sector is interested in all. It will be moment to overhaul and in addition disseminate application by means of messages.

Why to port Android app to iOS?

iOS users are known as force users in cell phone world as they are more drawn in with the dispatch of new applications in store. iOS governs the benefit offer by producing 68% more benefit than Android. The users tend to make in-application buys more as the users have a decent spending power.

Final Words:

At the end, I would like to mention that each platform has its own advantages. Then why to leave iOS for Android’s large user base or why to leave Android for iOS’s great profit matrices. Even if you have an app on any platform and is mature enough then it’s time to move to second one to avail its advantages.

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