To begin with e-commerce doesn’t mean why now, it means much more about how to do it efficiently with perfection.UK has highest revenue from ecommerce. China’s e-commerce expands every year. India ranks 8th in the world e-commerce market. 

To step in firstly we need to know about e-commerce. Let’s have a glimpse of it. E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) buying or selling products via online. It is of 3 types business to business (B2B) business to consumer (B2C) consumer to consumer (C2C) 

Next we should have a clear vision about apps. The term app became popular by 2010 listed as word of the year. Apps are of 3 types. Native apps, Hybrid apps, Web apps of which Native apps are used for mobile operating systems. Main purpose of such an app is to ensure best performance which in turn enhances your business.

Now we can enter into our topic “9 steps to develop an e-commerce mobile app”

Steps includes

  1. Identify your need
  2. Research your needs and set budget
  3. Create a roadmap
  4. Build your technical team
  5. List your Essentials
  6. Develop your app
  7. Test for bugs
  8. Promote your app
  9. Launch in market

Identify Your Need

Before entering into the e-commerce industry you need to have the following questions in mind.

What are you going to sell?

Who are your target audience?

Who are your competitors?

How are you going to stand unique from the tough competitors?

What is your marketing strategy?

Which platform are you going to use in e-commerce?

How to make shipment?

Before moving on to the next step, you need to analyze and fix your answers for the above questions.

Research your needs and set budget

Once you end up with a clear idea of what to sell through e-commerce, you need to thoroughly research about the pros and cons, your competitors, forecast about your target audience, their expectations and then finalize your budget.

Clear about whether to use static or dynamic websites. Make it simple but should be worthy.

Create a roadmap

After setting and arranging your budget you need to create a roadmap for your mobile app development project. You should have a clear forethought and organize accordingly to shine in your business. Parallel to this you need to build a barrier to safeguard your business from economic crisis to safeguard you and your business from extreme situations. 

Build your technical team

Your strength will get reached out only through a team of technical experts who carefully and smoothly handles the project to attain success. Pick out a resourceful developer to lead your team. Team of experts should have a vibrant knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript. They should plan and organize the project by taking certain things into consideration. Website safety, Network speed, Mobile compatibility, Payment Gateway, Scalable Infrastructure, Reports and analytics and manpower.

List Your Essentials

List out the essentials needed by centering your target audience. Plan accordingly to fulfill their needs there until your need gets satisfied.

User interface is a space where intercommunication of humans and machines occur. This is the foremost thing that a person looks at while initiating an e-commerce app. This is the first page a user faces. It should be user friendly and easy to navigate to have a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Comparatively, a mobile screen is smaller than a laptop, desktop so its home screen should give a clear structure which promotes easy navigation. Ordering of menu content and buttons should be organized. Apply animations in pictures to get a clear understanding thereby making it simple.

Develop your app


Avoid multiple fonts

Start developing the app after thorough analysis. Maintaining consistency is a key to success. Avoid use of unwanted products in the list which can distract the users. Proper spacing, use of only a single font is a must. You can change the size of the font to differentiate. Avoid using multiple fonts. UI should be designed to grab the attention of customers.

Quick Login Time

You will lose the customer if they stick around the login process. To overcome this, promote login through social media like facebook, Gmail which can act as your advertising agency if the user shares his product in online media. Loading time should not exceed 4 to 5 seconds.any single delay will ensure your loss.

Position of buttons

Pay and add to cart button position should be in the thumb friendly zone. Payment should be as simple as possible to retain the customers.

Number of clicks

No page should take more than three clicks/ taps. To maximize the user minimize the number of clicks.

Smart search, Wish list

Arrange and organize products in categories and subcategories. Respond customer queries and requirements within stipulated time.

Security for payments

Poor secured apps can easily be hacked. Customer information can get breached out. Ensure high level security. Transactions should be encrypted from one end to another.

Auto suggestion

Understand the needs of users through their search and offer auto recommendations.

Live tracking of dispatched goods

Customers should be allowed to track their goods live. Date of delivery should be accurate to retain your valuable customers.

Test for Bugs

Finally after developing, test your app for bugs and get it fixed.

First impressions are the best impressions. Ensures to deliver it without defects.

Mobile compatibility should be checked and maintained.

Color, font, logo, button all should be alike when viewed in different devices.

Promote Your app

Proper promotions can expand your reach globally. Use facebook, Instagram to promote your apps. Adhere to the feedback and make changes accordingly by sticking on to standard procedures. Collect the reviews from users and use that as promotions. Suggestions should get implemented immediately.

Launch in market 

Unique value propositions – Shows how you are different from your competitors. By creating your uniqueness and incorporating it in apps you can stand still in the minds of customers. Should create a strong liking of your products and shopping experience. Stick  to GDPR protocols.


Every single day every single customer should be valued. Ask for suggestions. Keep polishing your business and promoting your success.


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