Mobile App User Experience

Thousands of Mobile applications getting launched in the app stores every week. In last year alone there were 1.25 million mobile apps got published via play store. Researchers reveal that around 90% of the apps were downloaded, used only once and then deleted by the users. The reason behind this are many and the main reason among them is “ Poor User Experience”.

Below are the few factors that improve the User Experience and the factors which influence the UX.


It can be in any forms such as videos, slides, some helpful tips and so on.  Follow the below tips to make more attractive onboarding.

  • Trigger positive emotions
  • Skippable
  • Show less, provide more
  • Seamless

Some of the better onboardings are Telegram, Dots, Google App…

Know Your Users

The first step to build a mobile app with good User Experience ( UX ) is to know about your  target audience. Before initiating your Mobile app wireframe process, ask the following questions to yourself,

  • Who is your end user or target audience?
  • Are they are beginners or experienced?
  • Where they use this application?
  • What do they need to complete their action?
  • When they use this app?

If you have answers to all the above questions then you can start building your user journey in the mobile app. It is even better to start drawing the user journey first. Keep your navigation straightforward and smooth. This user journey should be started first before they work on wireframes. But many of the app developers fail in initiating this significant step.

“ The best way to check a quality designer is to watch what they do in the beginning of a project, and the inexperienced one will jump to sketch/photoshop and start with the layouts and style”. Said by Jonas Downey.

Interactive Design

The design needs to be more attractive for the users. Better interaction will improve the end user attention. Interaction design is a process in which the designers need to focus on creating web interfaces with thought out behaviors, actions, and logical. A successful interaction design uses principles of good communication, technology to create the needed user experience.

Tips to get a good user interface

  • Focus on User Goals – Omit unrelated inputs, eg- unless the complete address or date of birth is needed never ask the users to fill all the details in the profile. In this fastest world, each and every one is looking for an easy and simple way to finish their works.
  • Don’t avoid standards – Design principles for iOS, Android, and windows. If a standard is followed properly all the User Experience issues will be cleared easily.
  • Better Feedback – The real world today gives feedback for everything in a very fast way. By the way, your application should provide actions for the user request.
  • Display loading animation if the user wants to wait for something to get finished
  • Show some warning symbol if they did anything wrong
  • Use negative space in a more positive way

Graphics & Animation

The use of Graphics and Animation will attract the end users and helps in improving the UX. The Graphics and images will leave a visual trace in User and this cannot be achieved by the text alone.

Use Good Colors

In today’s modern world color plays a vital role. Each and everything is judged by colors. Choose the best color for your app. Each color has its own emotions and meanings. So, colors play a very critical role in User experience. Think more about the context of your mobile app and choose the preferred color.

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