In today’s digital world, there are very few jobs that can be done without a smartphone. But now phones have become smarter and more useful, so people who use them are becoming lazy and plump day by day. However, there is a way to lose your obesity and stay healthy with your phone, it is health and fitness apps. These health and fitness apps will keep you healthy and happy.

We are not fitness experts, we saw the most popular Android and iOS apps that people in India follow during the lockdown. We have ranked the top 10 fitness apps based on the most popular apps and the most downloaded apps during the lockdown. 

Top 10 Fitness And Healthcare Apps in India

Fastic fasting app:

You can download the Fastic app on your Android device to achieve your personal weight loss goals using various fasting methods. This application starts the registration process by asking you to fast deliver your goals. You can choose from the given options like better health, toxicity, longer life, more energy, and more focus. After receiving your details, the fastic application gives you your fasting plan. There are 12 different fasting plans. Also, the water tracker is included in the app to help keep you hydrated while you are outdoors. Fastic App is free. You can pay a three month subscription to the fastic Plus service. 2,750. by subscribing you will receive daily lessons and training.

Gold’s gym India:

Gold’s Gym India App was originally designed to find your nearest gym or fitness center. However, you can use this app anytime to stream unlimited audio or video exercises. The app allows you to set your fitness goals such as weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, or strength increase when registering for the first time to adjust your fitness tasks accordingly. Once recorded, you can view the listed audio and video content from the home screen. The Google Fit integration app also saves your workouts and keeps track of your progress, and you do not have to pay to view the listed audio or video content. 

Home Workout ,Immunity Plan & Calorie Counter, — HealthifyMe:

Android users can check out the  Home Workout, Immunity Plan & Calorie Counter, app designed by Fitness Startup called HealthifyMe. This app helps you to join a weight loss plan, get a diet plan or check the calorie count. You can monitor your activities, water intake, and food calorie intake to achieve your fitness goals. At the time of registration, this application asks you to provide your daily activity details and medical status, thereby setting your goals and helping you keep a healthy track of your diet. You can also set up a food reminder. Also, there are more than 50 free exercises you can choose from without paying a subscription.


An excellent application for health seekers, JEFIT helps to improve strength and cardio workouts. This app easily monitors physical information, workout routines, and provides a comprehensive database of workouts. JEFIT becomes your best friend when it monitors and stores all your workout information.

This app runs on both Android and iOS platforms, this app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS users.

HealthierMe :

HealthierMe is another popular Android app for home workouts. The app offers fitness planning for free. You can choose which part of your body needs a workout and then get specific training for that area. Once you have selected the body parts you want to focus on, the app will ask you for your exercise. It will provide you with the recommended diet and exercises. There are live video tutorials to help you stay healthy indoors. You can also complete the training classes given in the app to achieve your fitness goals. HealthierMe is offering a first three days free trial for users. However, you can subscribe to it for Rs. 7,400. :

The Cure. fit app is an app for home fitness for iPhone users. You can join live classes or watch fitness videos for free to achieve specific goals. There is also specialized content from beginners and senior citizens. The application also includes exercises led by athletes and fitness coaches. Additionally, the Cure. the fit app includes meditation and yoga practice sessions that you can choose from during the fitness section.

30 days fitness app :

The 30 Day Fitness app offers HD video tutorials and various fitness programs also provide you with home workouts. The application provides goals such as toned arms, flat stomach, squat butt, or lean thighs that you can achieve in 30 days. Also, you can do some regular warm-up exercises before starting some intense exercise.

Exercise and pulse beat :

Exercises Workout & Pulse Beat is a popular app on iOS that you can download on your iPhone to start your workout. This app offers various exercises that you can do at home to lose weight and stay healthy. It is also said to record your pulse rate as soon as you put your finger on the phone. Exercise Workout & Pulse Beat app is for free. you can use this app with a three-day trial and you can subscribe to a plan for Rs. 7,500.

Fitness and workout:

The Apple App Store has the Fitness & Workout app, which offers an exercise program based on your personal goals and problematic areas of your body. This application provides various tutorials with video instructions. you can track you proggress using workout history feature.. The fitness program offered by the Fitness & Workout App is said to be managed by fitness trainers. This application allows you to share your progress with your friends.. You can download the app with a three-day trial. However, you have to pay Rs. 669 for a week.

Neou: fitness training classes :

If you want to workout while staying at home, downloading the Neuo: Fitness Training Classes app on your iPhone is a great idea. This app offers live classes from fitness centers around the world, ideas, and trainers. You will be trained in high-intensity interval training, strength, yoga, and stretching. Also, you can connect the app with your Apple Watch to see your heart rate directly on your iPhone screen while doing any particular exercise. The monthly subscription to this app is Rs.99. However, you can access its classes for free under the seven-day trial.

Wrapping up:

Many people want to stay healthy and fit without having to go to the gym or be a member of it. If you want to exercise independently, you need to look at the best fitness apps that can help you work comfortably in your home. These apps are available for Android and iOS smartphones and can be easily downloaded and installed on your mobile phones. These apps have incredible features that help you plan and organize your workout routine daily. These fitness apps will teach you new exercises and share your progress with you daily. Many of these apps are free, with a minimum charge for some additional features. We have selected all the above-mentioned apps as the best applications based on their features, price, and customer experience. We hope you found this post useful. Our Samarther app development company specializes in creating fitness applications. contact info@  for more details.

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