Have you ever thought mobile applications will rule the world?  I’m just wondering how these small devices can make a big difference in human life…

Covid-19 taught a great lesson of social distancing and social media connecting.  Not only professionals are connected for meeting through the applications, but also the students from nursery to research are connected through e-learning platforms. The mobile application became one of the people’s friends. It helps the students to learn from their pocket device and most people like these lecture methods than classroom teaching.  Know 5 major reasons to get mobile app development for your school in this article. 

Major Application That Is Used By Schools:

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom
  • Seesaw
  • Kahoot

Google Classroom

  • Maximum schools have the chance to know about Google classroom.  
  • It can be created with the help of mail id,  the staff has to create a group and share the id to the students to join in that group. 
  • There the teacher can easily address the students by providing the course materials that have been organized in google drive.
  • The teacher also posts the assignments that have to be done and submitted by the students.
  • The grades of the assignments will be distributed in Google Classroom. 


  • The Zoom application became one of the most favorite one.  It’s a video conferencing app that connects many people by a single click.
  • During the lockdown period, every educational institution uses the Zoom application to arrange their classroom schedule and make the students feel that they are in the classroom. 
  • The free version of the Zoom app allows meetings for  40 minutes.
  • The paid meeting and the premium version offer 24 hours meeting with 100 participants.


  • Parents will automatically get pride when their children achieve a tiny thing in their day to day life.  
  • Seesaw is the best application for parents who like to know and celebrate their child’s achievements from the school.
  • With the Seesaw application, every student has their own profile and the work that is done by students is posted into it to encourage the student’s hard work and it will be shared with their parents. 
  • By the help of this mobile application, the parents and the teachers can easily identify the strength, weakness, and the talent of the students and guide them to the current pathway to achieve their success.


  • Full-time lectures bored the period. It’s necessary to change the mindset of the students else students will regularly get bored with the particular session. 
  •  Playing quizzes relevant to the topic or some general facts during boring lectures helps the students to gain motivation and make them learn the topics easily. 
  • Kahoot is one of the best apps for teachers who love to turn their boring lectures into funny game sessions.
  • A teacher has to enter their prepared question and answer to the Kahoot and ask the students to join the classroom with the key displayed in the teacher’s home page.

5 Major Reasons To Get Mobile App Development For Your School

The 5 major reasons to prefer mobile applications in schools.

Keep Parents Well Informed

Providing Additional Resources.

Live Stream Video Session

Keep Logs Traceable And Accessible

Decreased Communication Gap Between Teachers And Students

Keep Parents Well Informed

  • The mobile applications for schools inform the parents about their children’s activities.
  • The important announcements that should be known by the parents can be achieved through mobile applications for schools.
  • The events and the arrangements can be informed by the teachers to the students and their parents can be done using the mobile applications for school benefits.

Providing Additional Resources

  • The mobile application helps the students to get additional information relevant to the topics that had been done by the teachers.
  • In the classroom, the staff only have the time to teach the topics that are inside the book, but through mobile applications, they are able to provide extra data.
  • This helps the students to get excess knowledge on a particular topic.

Live Stream Video Session

  • A passionate teacher is able to bring the video session into the real-time classroom feel.
  • The teachers can record the video of their teaching, this helps the students to learn at any time whenever they are needed.
  • Also during the lockdown period, the teachers are willing to guide their students through real-time conferences with the help of mobile applications.
  • The teachers can also make some videos like doodles, conversations related to the topics through some video making software that encourages the student to learn clearly about the topic.

Keep Logs Traceable And Accessible

  • The attendance,  the examination, the instructions, the events, the grades are viewed from a single student login.
  • Every notice that has to be followed is being updated in the mobile applications.
  • The teachers also publish the assignments and evaluate them and the data are stored in the database. 
  • The data of each student are viewed clearly wherever they are needed. 

Decreased Communication Gap Between Teachers And Students

  • Online mobile application learning helps to reduce the gap between the staff and the students.
  • The students can easily clarify their doubts at any time.
  • This helps the students to get detailed knowledge about any topics.

Wrapping Up

There are lots and lots of benefits through mobile applications for schools. Few are listed below.

  • Saves Papers- Resources and Assessment can be fully digitalized.
  • Remove Communication Barriers- Removes the gap between the student and the teachers.
  • Keep Parents Informed- Parents were aware of the organization and their children’s activity.
  • Improves Education- Mobile apps help the students to gain more knowledge.