Wordpress Requirement

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This plugin allows the user to see the statistics of their site directly from wordpress dashboard. Using this plugin user can see real time users and past users with their location history and browser options.This plugin gives site moderators all the information they need to keep track of their site activity.

Google XML sitemaps

This plugin generates an XML sitemap that allows search engines to better index your site or blog, thus retrieving it faster.This plugin has been highly rated for over nine years and has 1+ million installs. In addition, it was recently updated.

Contact Form 7

This contact form plugin makes the list as one of the top WordPress plugins. Create multiple contact forms on your site and manage their functions using Contact Form 7.

With this plugin, you can customize the look and structure of the mail contents of your contact form without using any additional coding in the worpress. This plugin makes creating the perfect contact form for your site easy.

Anti-spam plugin

If your site invites users to engage with the content on the site, the Akismet plugin is definitely a necessity. Having Akismet running in the background helps to remove some of that spam before it goes live on your site, giving you more time to create content rather than cleaning it up.

online security plugin

Wordfence plugin helps to fill in those gaps until you can find someone who can protect your site from cyberattacks.

The data plugin

Plugins, just like WordPress itself and its themes, need to be kept updated to manage and prevent new online threats from hackers. Over 85 percent of hacked WordPress sites have not been updated.

The social media plugin

Social media is the easy way to increase and maximize the exposure for your business and your website visitors. These platforms helps to spread your message across the internet.

The content optimization plugin

If you have a website, you’re likely also gunning for the front page of Google. The All in One SEO Pack, a free plugin that helps you understand the basics of SEO for the content you’re putting up on your site, letting you edit the metadata without ever touching the source code. 

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