Does your site have enough protection from hacking ? Ecommerce sites turn out as big business nowadays, people perfer online shopping for their commercial purposes, also Ecommerce websites are major target for hackers and fraudsters. Being popular in online business, ecommerce sites are a major target for hackers and fraudsters. The site stores thousands of personal informational and other credit account details. Here are some tips to protect your Ecommerce site from hacking. 


#1 Build a secure Ecommerce platform

For buliding an eCommerce website, there are many open source platform are available. Need to choose a platform which uses the most advanced and object oriented programming language. Also choose complex login and password in to the admin panel to securce the site.

#2 Set up a System Alert

If any person seems doubtful during their online transactions, then agent should have an “alert system” to identify such transactions. Always check that the order recipient name is matched with a credit card or debit card to avoid suspicious transactions.

#3 Generate Strong Password criteria

Allow your coustomers to use complex password in order to strengthen the login and protection from hacking. Make use of special charaters, minimum length and usage of numbers. On buliding these kind of password are hard to crack from hacking.

#4 Use Multiple Layors of Security

The multiple security of site helps to protect site from hacking. Firewall security are preferred in order to block from online virus attack. To avoid SQL injection and cross-site Scripting attack, online merchants should have an extra layer of security to a customer’s login page, contact forms, and search queries.

#5 Keep Your System Updated

Always try to keep your system updates to avoid being a cyber victim. The software companies frequently release the latest versions that also fix bugs in software, and provide smooth functionality. Also use secure extension in order to avoid hacking, third party extensions as there are innumerable free extensions available online where Hackers could enter in to your site.

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