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Top Programming Languages for Web Development: Web development is a tricky game and can be approached in many different ways. To the layman, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong can be a crapshoot. We’re not talking about the Mark Zucherbergs here; we’re talking about the entrepreneur who works 9 to 5, 40 a week.

We’re talking about people who have a great idea and specialization in their field, but aren’t programmers. We’re talking about you. There’s a lot that goes into coding the perfect Landing Page, or programming a smash hit social media site, and we can’t all know everything. It helps to have a little guidance along the way.

To that effect, here is a brief guide from some programming experts to help you figure out the best strategy for you. Once you’ve finished reading, send us an email for a free consultation with our Chief Marketing Strategist or our Chief Technology officer. We can get your project started today for price built for all budgets. Get you on the path to success from the get-go with our help.


There’s a lot of advice floating out there on the pro’s and con’s of each of these two famous programming languages. PHP and .NET are both valid tools, but each have their benefits and their negatives, dependent upon the specific project.

The biggest difference we should cover right away – PHP is a mix between a programming language and a web framework, whereas .NET is a straight application framework. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each language. When you’re done here, check out our dedicated .NET and PHP developers.

PHP – Pros

• Open Source
• Large support community
• Great for large projects
• Fluid (easily customizable to your needs)
• More PHP developers
• Better for HTTP-based web applications
• inexpensive
• easy to pick up


• Slower than .NET
• It’s fluidity makes it bugs or poor coding much easier
• Not scalable
• Poor support for future platforms
• Not easily maintained
• Not great for desktop applications

.NET – Pros

• Very robust
• Total platform from Microsoft
• works well with either asp or C#
• Informs you when a coding mistake has been made
• Very big with lots of tools/features
• Works extremely well with Windows
• Excellent for big projects/enterprise solutions
• A lot of pre coded options mean you can build an application with .NET very quickly
• Visual Studio is an excellent UI for developers who are visually-oriented


• Not open source (though the implementation Mono is)
• Harder to understand
• Smaller support community
• Operates only on a Microsoft server (out of the box, extensions do exist to help it run on other servers)
• Microsoft servers are slightly more expensive
• Not as good as PHP with web-based applications
• More expensive than Open Source solutions.

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