Why is Mobile Application  Important for your e-commerce store?

“Reach for the stars so you will end up in the sky.” E-commerce has reached the sky. This statement is true and can fit all the industries using e-commerce.

First thing to know is what is E-commerce?

commerce or electronic commerce means buying and selling goods, products or services by the use of the internet. Online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Shopify are some examples of it.

Online selling and purchasing goods offers countless rewards to both buyer and seller, this promotes the growth and scope of the ecommerce industry.

Worldwide growth of ecommerce.

There are over 2 to 3 million ecommerce companies worldwide excluding China. The USA and Canada have about 1.3 million ecommerce companies. China’s $1.7 trillion ecommerce growth has happened which seems to increase rapidly. According to Global data and Analytics Company, the Indian ecommerce market is expected to grow by 21.5% and hit $74.8 billion in 2022.

Ecommerce has boomed this much because they act customer centric which gets adapted to the lifestyle and habits of consumers.

Ecommerce store

Business happening through an ecommerce platform to conduct online marketing and sales is called an ecommerce store. By doing so your business gets expanded and you will define a gradual rise in your profit. Investing in ecommerce is profitable which promotes your revenue to get multiplied.

Obstacles in Ecommerce

Tackling ecommerce, digitizing customer expectations, Poor customer data, multiple sector risk, supply chain issues. These are the focus elements you need to focus to enhance your business through ecommerce. After undergoing thorough research, use proper innovation in both production and distribution to excel from the competitors by applying new strategies which you need to follow to earn more profit.

Mobile app users

There are about 6.4billion smartphone users across the world. App usage and smartphone innovation get its growth hand in hand. About 78% use apps rather than websites. For instance if 100 customers are buying products through mobile apps 80 of them use native apps. If you lag in having native apps then it shows you are neglecting customers. Without an app your revenue gets diminished. Shopping using mobile apps is growing at the rate of 54% year over year. Mobile sales are dominating the ecommerce industry.

How to stay unique to allure your customers?

Your app should rejoice your customer shopping experience. You should stay connected round the clock. Your way of interaction should be different from your competitors to get an outstanding grade. Enable voice shopping or through chatbot apps promote easy and time saving shopping.

voice shopping is the ability to shop things online using just your voice in a compatible smart device, such as your phone, tablet, or smart speaker (connected to the internet)

Chatbot They act as virtual assistants that solve all your questions and guide you for an efficient process that saves your time and labor. Chatbot app is useful for multiple vocal chats. Chatbot apps can expect an ultimate demand in future.

Do promotions via social media. Give your customer an Omni channel experience. Enhance your business via multiple payment options. Collect proper data about your customer search query and give them valuable suggestions. 

Emphasize direct customer marketing so that they stay connected to the brand. Brands should offer consistent and steady involvement in mobile apps. Now and then for festive or occasions brands should deliver coupons, deals, offers, sales to kick start your business.

Inculcate the power of AI, Machine learning, AR and VR into your mobile app to provide an optimized shopping experience. 

Deliver an app that does not have any compatibility issues. It must be aesthetically pleasing to view from different gadgets. Mobile friendly features improve the way it looks which can even increase your ranking in internet search engines. Render on all devices to get auto adapted to the screen. 

High conversion rate

Mobile apps convert 130% higher than websites. Ecommerce will not disappoint you. App is a dream for marketers to gain more profit. So if you are using mobile ecommerce if you have the question of why the app then this will be your answer getting higher conversion rate.

What is the conversion rate?

Number of transactions happened and the number of visitors viewed through.

Even a 0.5% jump is also regarded as a good conversion rate. Generally it falls between 2% to 5%.

Login and checkout process should be as simple as possible. Three tap rules must be followed to achieve this. In today’s fast technology world people spend much time on mobile so the product brands get highly connected to the customers. Loading time should not exceed 4 to 5 seconds. Any single delay will ensure your loss.

Loyalty of customers

Getting and sticking on to the loyalty of customers is the prime thing you need to adhere to sustain and shine in your business using ecommerce. To ensure that you need to follow certain protocols: Check out for website safety, payment gateway, Scalable infrastructure, Reports and analytics. A Poorly secure app can easily get hacked. Go in for a high level security app even though it sounds costly. This will get shown in your reputation. More customers will bring you more orders in turn to increase your profit.

Push Notification

Messages that pop up on a user’s mobile device in a heads up manner are called push notifications. It delivers timely and relevant information to users even when the user is not active in an app or website. These messages maximize the conversations.

Multiple modes of payment

Users will get sustained to your app only if the payment gateway is easy and safe. To attract more customers and promote sales users should be given multiple payment options like credit/ debit card, wallets, gift cards.

 It gives complete freedom to customers to seek for other options and get the best deal. Multiple payment methods provide coherent experience to customers enabling a positive shopping experience thereby increasing sales. 


Mobile apps play an inherent role in the growth of business using ecommerce. Keep updating yourself technically as well as from the feedback of your valuable customers to get sustained in this industry. Develop your ecommerce mobile app today from the best Ecommerce app development company in the market.

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