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With rapid advances in technology, it shows that telemedicine will only become easier and more widely accepted in the coming years. Already, smart glasses like Google Glass and smartwatches like fitness trackers can monitor patients’ health data and transmit them in real time to health professionals.

So this telemedicine app will be on top in future because it makes everything easier in a single touch.

How this telemedicine app works?

  • At first user has to login into this app and need to fill his/her details
  • In this Doctor will have Separate login and Seperate Section for answering the question Regarding Patient’s Queries . Each queries will be stored in individual section contains a list of Suggestions made by other experts in that field . Their answer will be directly sent to the Patient and they can view from their own device .
  • Like doctor , patients also have separate login and separate sections they can choose the doctor’s in the category list and they can submit their queries and they can upload their medical reports , invoice bills or any document in the uploader section

Benefits of this app to users

  • Accessed to specialized healthcare services in rural,semi-urban and remote areas.
  • Easy diagnosis and treatment
  • Reduced physician’s fee and cost of medicine
  • Reduced visits to speciality hospitals
  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Early detection of disease

Telemedicine:ways of communication

  1. one to one (one patient connected to one doctor within the same hospital)
  2. one to many (one patient is connected to many specialist doctors within the same hospital)
  3. many to many (several patients is connected to several specialist doctors at different hospitals)

Development of telecommunication in IT

  • Home care and home assistance delivery
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Live image transfer
  • Secure data transfer
  • Virtual assistance

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