Nodejs Development Company

Start your new businesses with our speed, scalable, and real-time feature-rich Node.js solutions. We, Smarther offer high-end solutions for clients all over the world. We serve our clients ranging from application development to NodeJS migration, consulting services, and maintenance & support. We ensure reliability and stability in every stage of your business.

Nodejs Development Company

Node.js has familiarity because of its data exchange experience, with multi-media, chat services, and other high data demanding services such as real-time tracking are involved. As a leading Nodejs development company, Smarther helps to build feature-rich, high-performance, and scalable web and mobile apps. We are always ready to create Nodsjs server-side applications and back-end solutions with the latest and advanced knowledge. We assist if you need to migrate your existing backend system to Node js or need a strong Node.js API.

Our services offer efficiency on both the server and client sides. We can tackle event-driven and asynchronous APIs to create real-time web, mobile, and desktop applications, IoT, stock trading applications, and more.


Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment, a high-performance open-source JavaScript engine. It applies an event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm to ensure outstanding performance. It builds fast, and scalable network applications, and provides advantages in performance, quicker development, and other perks.

Node.js is best suitable for:

  • Real-time web applications
  • Streaming applications
  • Messaging apps
  • Chat programs
  • Social media apps
  • Virtual emulators
  • Multiplayer games
  • API
  • Collaboration tools

Benefits of Node.js:

  • Easy to learn, once you have learned JavaScript and Object-Oriented programming basics.
  • One code, One deployment in one place.
    Node.js reduce the development time and are helpful in time-to-market.
  • Scalability is done by handling multiple concurrent connections.
  • Node.js is a well-tested and mature tool.
  • Node.js allows the MVP development quickly.
  • Node.js offer multiple libraries and reusable templates, by incorporating them into the code, it has more value with less effort and time.

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    Why Work With Us? Our Process for Android App Development

      Node.js development services:

      Smarther is a top-class Node.js development company, allows you to build high-performance apps easily. It satisfy all your needs and expectations, and it helps to simplify work. It is easy to maintain and modify. Instead of developing a large app, with Node.js a group of small apps is developed and also binds web and back-end developers into one team and makes the development efficient. It is perfect to handle more requests that are I/O driven and scale.

      • Node.js API development and Integration:

        Using Node.js, from the implementation to ensure flawless integration with any solutions, we deliver data-intensive and real-time scalable solutions irrespective of the development environment.
      • Serverless Node.js microservices:
        As we are the leading Node.js development company, we build robust apps using a set of tools and industry best practices. So, we offer on-demand real-world apps with faster development and deployment.
      • Node.js consulting:
        For studying and analyzing the current client architecture, we follow an accurate development process. We support our Node.js software app development expertise to debug, scale up, and integrate best practices.
      • Node.js migration:
        Our developers have already migrated many complicated developed applications to Node.js on different platforms and successfully enhanced the scalability, multiple performance metrics, and customer experience.
      • Node.js plugin development:
        We are creating top-class plugins and API integrations with our experience. We offer services to numerous small and large business organizations for their app development and enhancement.
      • Dedicated Node.js team:
        We, the best Node.js development company have a highly-skilled, creative, available, and experienced team of developers and we are eager to help you with your business needs.

      Why choose Smarther for Node.js development?

      We, Smarther deliver creative solutions through our services and products for our clients in over 20 countries. Our expert and intelligent team provide the required solutions for both web and mobile app development using their technical skills. We are developing and delivering interactive and cost-effective products without compromising on the quality for clients to satisfy them.

      • Our experienced team:

        Our experienced team delivering solutions with better performance and standards. We build apps for various industries such as e-Commerce, retail, wholesale, and communication segments for more clients all over the world. Our team provides eminent results that enhance our targeted customers.
      • Our services:
        We are best in offering services in mobile app development, web development, social network design and development, community web portal development, e-Commerce solutions, custom software product development, CMS software development, SEO, and other maintenance services.
      • Customer-centric:
        Our services are based on customer satisfaction and reliability. We are always a customer-centric company, and we take care of clients’ development. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction.
      • Excellence and efficiency:
        We deliver excellent products to all our clients within the stipulated time and targeted budget. We provide efficient products and service to satisfy our clients.

      Process of Node.js development:

      We serve you for every phase of your development, as we are the leading Node.js development company. We deliver the solutions effectively to improve your daily business processes.

      • Step 1: Business analysis
        First, gather all your business requirements and analyze them.
      • Step 2: UI/UX design
        Once analyzing the requirements, we make UI/UX design. We have sent this for client approval.
      • Step 3: Development
        After getting approval from the client, we develop it by writing coding.
      • Step 4: Testing
        It is important to test the code written. We fix the bug if any error or bug is found. And make code error-free, clean and effective.
      • Step 5: Maintenance
        Once the development is error-free,launching will be the next step.Maintenance and support is provided based on clients requirements.

      Nowadays, Node.js is one of the most interesting technologies, and it is growing into the most famous platform used for web applications, services, and desktop apps. Node.js has more benefits that it has extended the area of JavaScript application and is used for both front-end and back-end servers. You can make powerful Node.js technology features for your projects, with the help of an experienced Node.js development company. So, if you are looking for the best Node.js developers, hire Smarther team, we ensure high quality and performance.

      Customized Services We Offer

      • Android App UI/ UX
      • Native & Hybrid App Development
      • App Programming with latest tools
      • Testing for flawless performance
      • Bug free App Development
      • Guaranteed Approval on Play store
      • Application Re-design
      • 24/7 Maintenance & Support


      Focusing Technical Aspects

      • Android SDK
      • Location based services
      • Third Party Integration
      • In-app purchase
      • Restore/ backup
      • Social-Media Integration
      • Admob Integrations
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