iPhone X Features

Apple on Tuesday revealed iPhone X, a high end next version of the world’s popular device with an price tag and a long list of groundbreaking new features. 

Super Retina Display –  Apple releases iPhone X with OLED (Organic LED) display, with a super Retina Display. Diagonally measuring 5.8 inches having a pixel density of about 458 pixels per inch with a color ratio of  1,000,000:1.

No Home Button –   In this release Apple replaced gestures instead of Home buttons. For an example, a swipe from bottom will take you to the home screen, or else a swipe up from bottom & pause to open your app switcher. Removing the home button makes Apple to release a phone with all screen front.

Build –   The entire phone is constructed with stainless steel and sturdy glasses. It arrives in Black and white and stainless steel is furnished to match the color of the iphone.

Face ID – Facial Recognition feature enhanced and utilized in Apple’s Camera system. It consist of eight different cameras & sensors both combine to instantly recognize the face of the owner. Built-in neural engine and A11 Bionic chip powers the system. And most importantly it works even if your change your hairstyle, your beard and if you wear glasses. It works for unlocking, Apple pay.

Animoji –  A new feature named Animoji is enabled in iPhone X, there are dozens of different emojis available, if you once send them they mirror your own movements and expressions.

Cameras – iPhone X contains a dual-lens camera system. It enables dual optical image stabilization. The camera have 12 megapixel sensors, having tons of features to improve color reproduction and to reduce noise.

Wireless Charging –  iPhone X supports Qi wireless Charging, Apple has enabled a new charging mat that is more capable of charging an iPhone X, Apple Watch all at the same time under one mat.

New Portrait Mode –  Enhanced with Portrait mode, it helps in adding lighting effects to all your Portrait mode shots. It is not as just the rear camera related to depth effects that gets new features. The new True Depth allows you to take selfies in Portrait mode.

Battery Life –  Apple now managed to increase the battery life to 2 hours from previous edition iPhone 7. The new iPhone X can standby Talk time Up to 21 h (3G), Music play Up to 60 h. 

A11 Bionic Chipset – iPhone X is powered by A11 Bionic chip. The same in iPhone 8, but with better gaming, high quality photos and better augmented reality experiences.

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