Indeed, the usage of mobile phones for browsing on internet is literally more than desktop users. While most of the people using search engine to find required web pages. Do the Google mobile search’s differ from high ranking desktop results ? What high-ranking pages have in common ? 


To find out, Searchmetrics analyzed the top 30 mobile phone and desktop search results for 10,000 popular keywords on the U.S. version of

According to reports, the top searches on desktop and mobile have atmost similar core characteristics in common, they perform well (i.e., load quickly and consistently) and contain high-quality, relevant content that comprehensively covers the relevant topic.

Also in few cases the mobile phone searches differs from high rank desktop searches, due to some key technical and user experience area. The importance of good quality, relevant content cannot be understated. Ranking factors including word count and Flesch readability both increased this year, indicating in general longer texts that are easier to read. Here are some of the key findings of this year’s study:

Search Ranking Factors 2015 :

• Relevant, holistic content is more important than ever
• User experience – beyond the desktop
• Keywords are becoming increasingly obsolete
• Backlinks – correlations are decreasing
• Social signals – a bonus for organic rankings

Reference : For full reports about search ranking study analysis, check out – Searchmetrics

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