The food ordering business is booming nowadays.  It is one of the most popular mobile applications used by millions of people.  There is a high demand for food ordering business in the world so it is considered to be an On-demand mobile application.  We people are living in a busy schedule and most of them have no time to cook food, they felt it is easy to order food online and fill their stomach whenever they feel hungry.  This makes the food industry to develop a mobile application for their business.  The rise in food ordering and delivery business has made an on-demand app on its demand.  

swiggy clone app

Many startup companies and budding entrepreneurs are using food ordering and delivering as a business and they are ready to invest in mobile app development companies just to raise their revenue.  

Why food delivery apps have greater demand? Since people are in their tight schedule, but they like to do parties and celebrate the occasion by dining or ordering foods in the best restaurants in their location.  At that time they felt comfortable ordering foods via mobile application and it will be delivered by a deliveryman and we don’t need to go there.  Also, food ordering and delivery apps save the consumer time. And in this digital world, your food industry surely needs a mobile application just to stay in the competition.  It is not so tough for the developers to build food ordering mobile applications like Swiggy with the food delivery app development company

“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”- Warren Buffett.

For your instance, the food delivery business, first of all, you have to know about the features and how your mobile application has to be looked should be clearly understood by yourself. 

Depending upon your idea, the food ordering apps or restaurant menu ordering system comes under three categories based on your requirement, You can choose one based on your business plan. 

  1. Order Model
  2. Order and Delivery model
  3. Fully integrated model 


This the basic and simplest food ordering mobile application.  In this app, one can easily order food through mobile applications like Iusteats and Deliveryhome where the orders will be taken and send to the restaurants after that the restaurants will take care of every other process. The main concept of developing these businesses is just the replacement of telephone orders.


This is the most popular food ordering and delivery mobile applications like Foodpanda clone, Swiggy clone, Ubereats clone.  In this one can order their foods and it will be purchased and delivered by the delivery boys of Foodpanda, Swiggy or Ubereats. 


This model is used by startup food businesses and other restaurants. These app help one to order the business and the order will be verified, the food is prepared and delivered to the consumers.  Dominos clone and KFC clone are the best examples. 


  1. Geo-location
  2. Scheduling Order
  3. Efficient Search Option
  4. Multiple payments
  5. Reviews And Ratings


The most important thing in the food ordering business is tracking the exact location of the delivery boy.  With this feature, one can able to view the real-tracking location when they started ordering the food online and till the delivery to the correct location.  In the delivery boy app, he can able to track the location of the consumer address.  If there is any change in the address or communication they can easily chat via the conversation bar.  This feature will make the consumer and the delivery boy to collaborate with each other. 


This feature will help the consumer to order their food at a particular time without ordering in a hurry.   For instance, if you are employed in a company and your lunch timing is at 1.Pm and you are not supposed to use your mobile phone inside the company but you have to order the food for lunch. At this time, this feature will surely help you.  You can able to order the food for 1.00 Pm before entering the company and also the lunch will be delivered to you at the right time. 


When it comes to the Swiggy clone app i.e)Ordering and delivering model, there will be a lot of restaurants in that particular location that will be registered themselves.  This feature helps the user to search for the different food industry and order various dishes via a single mobile application. You no need to call a restaurant to order food anymore.  Also, the discounts provided by the particular restaurants will be displayed to the consumer when they sign up the page and also when they choose the profile of the restaurants.


It is an essential feature for any ordering and booking mobile application.  The user have the ability to pay their amount via wallets, internet banking, credit or debit cards, and even Cash On Delivery is available.  Third-party payment methods are integrated to implement this feature in a mobile application. 


Once work should be viewed and reported.  With the reviews and rating features, the consumer have the ability to appreciate or depreciate the services done by the delivery boy, and also they have the right to post the service done by the restaurants.  This feature is more important for every business without reviews and ratings your business will always stand low when compared to others. 

Apart from these features, there are many other features like the sign-in and signup page,  favorites can be added to the item. These features will gain an additional advantage to your mobile application. 


Since the food delivery mobile application plays a vital role in people’s life. If you have an idea to develop an application check out these features and decide what and how your app should look like after the gaining of knowledge in idea implements it for developing a mobile application.  For food delivery mobile applications hire the best android and IOS app developers. 

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