A Healthy living is mandatory for survival. For a healthy lifestyle, you need a balanced healthy diet routine, nutritious food and good sleep. An unhealthy food routine will kill your life. A good healthy lifestyle will give a positive impact physically and mentally.

Create a good healthy habit that will change your life. Majority of the people use smartphones from teenagers to old age people that increased the online platform. Online platforms have been important in our daily routine life in both personal and professional life.

It makes everything very easy and affordable. Home Food delivery apps are in high demand. In this market, there are lots of food delivery apps but people don’t prefer to eat healthy.

In today’s world, the majority of people order food from hotels through delivery apps which is not healthy. Home cooked food is healthier than the outside hotel food.

Best Homemade Food Delivery Apps in India

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It adds a nutritional value to health. There are good homemade food delivery apps in India that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These homemade delivery apps will help you eat nutritious food. Homemade food is delivered fresh, and hot, with lots of nutrients added to it. Let’s see the 10 best homemade food ordering apps that will be useful for a healthy lifestyle.


Cookr Homemade Food app

The Cookr app is one of the best homemade food delivery apps with FSSAI registration. They deliver to bring you delicious, homemade, healthy food straight from their home. It’s a user-friendly app with many healthy foods that are available in your locality.

Their main mission is to make homemade food accessible to everyone. The Cookr app is India’s largest home food delivery app. They provide a delicious healthy meal with excellent service.

App is available in top metro cities in India including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, Chennai, Trichy and more.

  • Available in Android & iOS
  • 500,000+ Installs
  • Website: www.cookr.in

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Homefoodi home cooking food app

Homefoodi is one of the best homemade food delivery apps that is available in the top cities. They have experienced and talented home chefs who prepare fresh, hot and nutritious food. It is operated in several major Indian cities.

The app is easy to place orders.They deliver food with high standard quality and nutritious healthy foods. They have top home chefs who deliver food hot, fresh and healthy near your locality.

  • Available in Android & iOS
  • 100,000+ Installs
  • Website: www.homefoodi.com

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Myma homemade delivery app

Myma app’s goal is to replace unhealthy outside food with hygiene nutritious healthy food. They provide amazing service.

Home chefs can join this app and set their own menu and pricing. This app is based out in Pune and delivers lunch and dinner at cheap rates.

  • Available in Android & iOS
  • 50,000+ Installs
  • Website: www.mymameals.com

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Food Next door

Food Next door home made food app

Food next door mission is to focus on food quality and hygiene. They support many home chefs entrepreneurs to start business without any investment.

They deliver delicious food near your locality. You can pre book your orders too. Pick your delicious and healthy food with the discounts.

  • Available in Android & iOS
  • 500,000+ Installs
  • Website: www.cookr.in

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Mykhana Homemade food app

Mykhana app is a unique food homemade delivery app that supports home bakers and home chefs who can deliver near your locality. They have delicious healthy bakery items and homemade meal.

They have verified home kitchens and customized crafted menus. Choose to schedule your delivery in advance. Discover the home delights with them.

  • Available in Android & iOS
  • 500,000+ Installs
  • Website: www.cookr.in

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Masala box

Masala box homemade food app

Each plate of food is separated by home kitchen experts. Since 2014, they have been operating this service for the people of Bangalore. Masala Box is an amazing homemade food delivery app that serves fresh, healthy, traditional recipes.


yumist homemade food app

Yumist delivers homey food to your doorstep. It’s easy to order. With an affordable price. They deliver food hot, fresh, and delicious.

Currently, they deliver in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi. Their meals are healthy. They deliver healthy meals in less than 30 mins. Pre-booking orders can also be processed.


Dishdivy home cooking app

Disdivy was founded 5 years ago and their main mission is to bring the old traditional healthy meal to be served with excellent talented home cooks. They have 650 cooks on board with many happy customers.


whatscooking homemade food app

Whatscooking is one of the best platforms for all Indian families to order good healthy foods. Its vision is driven to delivery quality foods at your convenience and with better savings.

They also create a platform for the home chefs and hobbyists who want to make a profit out of their cooking passion. Their main vision is to focus on delivering traditional healthy meals and the targeted audience who doesn’t have time to cook.v

Oota Box

Oota Box is the most convenient food delivery app that is based out in Bangalore with excellent service. They have 8k+ registered chefs in 70 locations with 11k happy customers who order regularly. They have 200+ resources. They provide a variety of healthy foods with good delivery service near your home.


There are only a limited number of quality homemade food apps in this market. A healthy eating routine can help boost your health over the long term.

These homemade food apps can help you get good, healthy food that will build a healthy and balanced diet. These homemade food apps are easy to use, can change your healthy eating routine, and will create a positive change. Pick simple, fresh food and get healthy in a better way. It’s easy to order from the app.

Download the homemade food delivery app, select your location, with a few taps you can add your customized meal to the cart and enjoy eating healthy. Start using these homemade food delivery apps and add nutrients to your plate. Choose a better healthy lifestyle to lead a happy life.